VK 30.01(P)

  • Tier: VI
  • Armour: Not bad for a mid tier medium
  • Speed: 60 Km/h
  • Armament: 105mm kwk 42 L/28 derp gun,75mm accurate but lower damage gun then 88mm kwk36 L/56 top tier gun.
  • HP: 710 (Russian T-34-85 has 670HP, British Cromwell 700 HP, American Sherman Jumbo has 730HP.)
  • Plays up to Tier: VIII (likely to meet Tiger II, KV-4, IS-3,  T28, T32, Centurion, Black Prince)
  • View range: 370m
  • Camouflage: Below average
  • Radio: 710m but only 310m stock
  • Play style:  Support/Close support (with derp gun).
  • Equipment (I use.)

Tool box
Camouflage net
Binocular Telescope

Going for a Tiger.

You can get to the VK 30.01 (Porsche) from either the Pz. 35(t) line or the Pz II line this tank leads to the Tiger P which was Porsche development of the Tiger tank but lost out to the Henschel version which would become the infamous Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger. So why go via the Tiger P, well the Porsche version has slightly better frontal armour with only a slightly worse turret rotation. Going via the Tiger P allows me to unlock the Tier VIII Ferdinand Tank destroyer leading to the Jg.Pz. E-100 or follow the heavy line up to the Maus or I could sidestep to the Tiger then Tiger II eventually the E -100. So this VK 30.01 P is a stepping stone tank, one that I’m not going to keep but just passing through that’s why I fixed equipment that was not going to cost to remove.

The first unlock is the 75mm kwk 40 L/48 is a short barrelled derp gun, if your top tier load it with HE which gives you an armour penetration of 40-66mm against the penetration of AP of 48-80mm. I hated this gun it just didn’t fit well with me. But honestly it is brutal at close range. Then the next unlock gives you the smaller bore 75mm kwk 42 L/70 but that extra length gives you more accuracy but you loose your massive damage derpiness. But you are more useful at longer ranges; it doesn’t make the tank a ridge line fighter as you have no gun depression. Something you might want to get used to. As this line of tanks is heading towards heavies I have trained repair on the crew then swapped for sixth sense.

Overall an underwhelming tank in my opinion, with no redeeming features. Only two prototypes’s where made so it’s a tank on paper and made to fill a gap in a German line as far as I’m concerned. It could be that it does not have a real name for example Tiger or even Panzerwagen in the name. I couldn’t find myself connecting with it in any way and only used to play it for my daily double. What really kept me going was the fact that it lead onto better tanks.

See you on the other side…..


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