Some games are whitewashes, these games are just <shrug>! Better games happen and there is more ebb and flow to the battle where every little bit of ground is well fought. Nobody makes stupid mistakes and holds the line. These can be better than winning, when you know you have done everything possible and you have been beaten by skill not luck. Or even better if you win and your score shows that you where a valuable team player.  You get that little kick of happy brain chemicals. This weekend I had such game, it came down to a 3 on 3 match. My team was outplayed by a platoon of a TD and 2 scouts on sand river. But it was an epic match and was the highlight of my weekend. So to my opposition I raise my thermal mug of tea and congratulate you. We even exchanged a message after the match congratulating each other.

I’ve been putting the time in this weekend on my Centurion 7/1, I was going to try and earn my 1 day premium. But my on going ill health took its toll and had to give up before I completed the German side. On the Centurion the reload between the 105mm and the 20-pdr type b barrel is about 6 seconds, which seems an age when you waiting to take a shot. I like the high rate of fire from the type b barrel though often its like your tickling your enemy to death and Tier VIII heavies are often happy to charge and take the punishment. Where as the 105mm has that hard punch to it, that makes lower tier heavies stop and think. before charging you down. So I think I’m almost sold completely on the 105mm but sometime I miss the type B.

I also decided to continue up the German Lights tree unlocking the VK 16.02 Leopard, which to be honest is completely underwhelming. This is going to be one of those tanks that is a grind to work through. I’ve got 28300 XP to earn, Eugh!


I Don’t have any on my tanks, some tanks have camouflage but not bothered with emblems. But as the PC is getting them in the next patch its likely we will be getting them. Another gold sink. Anybody have some views on this for the Xbox?

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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