As of the last update on the XBox, the Chafee is no longer going to be a stupidly huge grind up to 55,000 XP but a more sensible amount of 12,500 XP. So it looks like I will be getting myself a new speedster. Zzoom. Also the other change is the reduction of the tiers the tank will expect to see, reducing from tier X to tier VIII.

Wargaming is also working on a new view range render moving from a square which gives greater view range on the diagonals. With the rendering range changing to a circle it will still give approximate view area.  When introduced it might change some tactics, a few areas will no be visible in some scenarios. because of increased render range on the NSWE cardinal points, on the reverse of this it will make some areas now viable to hide because view range will be less on the NW, NE, SW, SE. I hope while they’re messing with the render engine they could remove the annoying delay when a tank first comes into view.


I’ve been a PC gamer for a lot longer than I’ve been a console gamer. Today, interesting things are afoot. A test run by AnandTech using a special build of  Ashes of the Singularity in DirectX12 has confirmed the anonymous leak that broke in february. You can use multiple graphics processors to improve performance. Yes AMD and Nvidia have been doing this for years and it helps them sell more GPU’s using crossfire or SLI respectively. But this time using the API with DirectX 12 mismatched graphics processors can be used simultaneously. So having either different models of one manufacture’s graphics card or even different manufacturers cards! Also that Internal GPU that sits in an enthusiasts PC unused will finally have some use as well. Well it will if software companies decide it’s a beneficial feature. So we will be relying on the likes of EA and Valve to put the extra effort into using this new feature. Looking back at other technologies that have been introduced. I can see it been a slow snowball effect, I don’t think the big game companies will implement it very quickly. A lot of them work directly with either AMD or Nvidia and will want to keep these special relationships intact. AMD might be more willing to help integrate technology because of their graphics processors in their range of APU’s. Especially boosting the benefits of having an AMD APU (CPU) and  discreet GPU. But maybe smaller company’s will see the benefit of introducing this first. Now if we all had tin foils hats would Nvidia and AMD try to lean on microsoft for that part of the API to be ‘lost’ at somepoint.  haha…

See you on the other side….


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