Hopefully getting an upgrade.

Well for the last few months I’ve been writing this Blog on a mates Laptop which has been on permanent loan against the work I did on painting/wallpapering his new flat. Normally the going rate for that kind of thing is takeaway but he was pretty skint. But hopefully I will be returning this old laptop and replacing it with an even older desktop. But it is a desktop so should run faster than what I’m currently using. But importantly I can slowly upgrade bits and pieces as I can afford it. But seen as I’m signed off work till at least December and will probably get another 6 months it will be a long slow process. But seen as I have time I’m hoping to continue to learn to program. It’s still not certain if I will be able to return to been an outdoor activity instructor. For most of my working life I’ve done a job I love and I’m not sure what I will do if I cant keep up my high level of physical activity. So I might need to have a back up plan. Learning a new skill will keep my brain active cause I do spend a lot of time really bored. Sometimes even gaming is difficult. Also I get to plan and theory craft a very cheap way of upgrading.

Here is the list of Specs.

  • Intel Pentium E5400 Dual Core 2.7 Ghz (Probable overclock to 3.7ghz)
  • Ram 4Gb
  • Asus HD5450 1GB – probably overclocked.
  • 500Gb Seagate HD
  • G7 Power Extreme 680W

The first two things I NEED are a Keyboard and upgrading my mouse from the one I picked up from Poundland for you guessed it a pound! I will be plugging the system into the TV I use for my Xbox. I need a mouse I can use with both my left and right hand. So I can’t go for an ultra ergonomic mouse. I’m looking at maybe something along the lines of a Logitech G402 it looks a solid mouse not to exspensive at about £40.  Nicely ergonomic when im gaming using my right hand, when im not it will be swapped to been used in my leftie. For the keyboard I’m thinking of a Steelseries Apex Raw Gaming Keyboard this is another £40 pound purchase and I will have to priororitise this over the mouse. So from this point onwards I will have a usable desktop PC. If I end up playing games I need some sound, either speakers or a headset. I’m thinking headset a cheap option it might be another extremely budget option. Might be a trip to Poundland to see if they have them or even just ear bud headphones. A Keyboard, headphones and maybe a mouse will be my first upgrade so to speak, which will basically be my first months upgrade.

So for my second month I will look at storage, the HD at 500Gb will be plenty of space for a while but an upgrade that will see a big benefit and will be usable in future iterations of this build would be a SDD, So a Crucial BX100 256Gb Will cost £68 but as I’m buying the PC second hand I’m not sure on the version of windows 7 I will be getting or if even i will be getting a instalation disk. So buying MS Windows 10 Home retail USB drive would be another major upgrade It would also make sense to buy them at the same time. Windows 10 costs £88 so for that upgrade path will cost £156. That will be my upgrade for the month.

The motherboard is an Asus P5KPL-AM EMU its rather long in the tooth(’09 I believe). It is not able to be upgraded. It uses DDR2 memory and is fitted with the maximum 4 Gb. I dont believe it will be worth sourcing a better Intel proccessor, because of this ram limit of 4Gb. It is also Mini-ATX, but from the photos it looks like its sitting in a full size ATX case. The power supply is rated at 680W so it’s not an immediate upgrade option because it wont lead to obvious benefits.  The graphics card is not worth upgrading until I have a new motherboard. So here it is the in a few months time will have to make the decision of Intel or AMD.

Well that’s enough for now, hopefully going for a bike ride tomorrow so will give me something to mull over.

See you on the other side….


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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