Intel or AMD?!

Continuing my musings from yesterday about theortical upgrade path I could take. So upgrading the motherboard. Mmmmm!

This next upgrade will nesitate a number of upgrades to happen at the same time. So board, chip, memory and cooler. So many questions need to be answered for example Intel or AMD, duo or quad+ core, DDR3 or DDR4, air or liquid cooling. This is the biggest upgrade that can happen money wise which then leads onto the final upgrade of the GPU.

The AMD option.

So a big plunge and my first dip into the AMD CPU or as is there term APU (Accelerated Processing Unit.) Looking at the AMD A10-7870K at about £105 according to the AMD its 12 core chip but in reality its quad plus 8 cores for the GPU, the motherboard cost about £81 with a 2 stick pack giving 8gb of Corsair DDR3 memory for £44 then adding a cooler for another £40 brings the total. Using a dedicated cooler will give me a bit of room to overclock the APU getting as much out of my limited budget. So this option would cost £270

Intel Duo core Bundle ( pre-overclocked.

This bundle £264.67 at the time of editing this blog, gives you an air cooled 4.4Ghz duo core processor with 8 GB of corsair DDR3 memory. This upgrade brings the original computer bang up to date a good well recieved processor. This setup would be good for immediate needs, it would play most recent games. But I doubt I’d be able to play Elite Dangerous and would soon fall behind but by the time this happened i’d hopefully be working again and could afford a better system. Even this upgrade would take me a minimum of 3 months to afford but you can see it is within my reach. Okay this is a very sensible option but I really want to play E:D. This system is not what i’d class as future proof its at the trailing edge of what is suitable for gaming. But more games will be wanting quad-core as recommended or even minimal specification. This system would be great for all my other needs, internet, blogging, programming, multimedia and would play all my present collection of steam games.

 While waiting for the film Spectre to start, I also realised that I’d be needing some way to connect to the internet. I presently tether from my mobile using WiFi. So looks like another upgrade I will need is a WiFi card. I’m going to check what kind of speed I can get using my phone as a USB tether. At present I’m working with a 105 ms ping with a download of 0.10 Mbps and 1.35 Mbps upload that’s at 23:00. I’ve got to wait for a reset at midnight where I normally get a decent boost to speed to a massive 2.50 Mbps. So tonight I will be comparing WiFi against the speed of a USB modem.

See you on the other side…


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