a slow day..

I’m writing this on my new computer, exciting stuff. What isn’t so exciting is updating windows, downloading anti-virus software installing games and patching and patching and patching. It’s a very SLOW process via mobile tether. I did spend to long last night trying to get the HDMI drivers to send the sound though the TV speakers only to find out that its the AMD drivers that seem to have a fault. This problem is fixed with the beta drivers, but I think I might just use some ear bud speakers until then.

When I collected the computer the guy threw in a mouse and keyboard. The mouse is an upgrade from the Poundland special! The keyboard is a small form factor so some of the keys are smaller than I’m used to and a lot of keys are in the wrong places! But the thing that will be making me replace it is actually the space bar! Its small but that’s not the problem to make it work you need to tap it dead centre. If I could train myself to hit the bar with my left thumb it does make my trying to type easier. But bad habits and the distance in time since I did a touch typing course at school combined with it been a fairly unused skill on my part.  Means that my right thumb normally hogs the space bar and left thumb has domain over CTRL and Alt and occasionally the windows button when I’m showing off by remembering the short-cuts for windows to pull up menus etc. Presently my right thumb just induces a see-saw motion with no actual action taking place. But it was free, beggars cant be choosers as they say.

Very unlikely to get any gaming done this weekend, just downloading!But I might do another tank review for WoT. The final part of my guide will get some much needed improvements. My Paint skills are not the greatest and  a picture paints a thousand words or something. Using paint on the Laptop was a headache, just to damn slow. But I might turn the laptop to the ‘light side’ and remove Windows and install a flavour of Linux maybe Ubuntu but we shall see.

See you on the other side….


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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