World of Warships and an old school MMO a pretty good weekend really!

Over the Sunday and Monday night I left my PC on and downloaded WoWs. Id seen the hype and watched the Youtube videos and really wanted to have a go myself. I enjoyed it, got a few countries to tier III playing Cruisers and Destroyers, no Battleships for me (yet!) I was surprised that my PC could handle it, though I do have to turn the graphics right down it was still playable. But over all it still looked good. I had some great games sinking a Battleship in a destroyer 1v1 boom! wow torpedos are very powerful. Then I had some (many) shameful defeats, Playing far to aggressive. But that’s what the lower tiers are for, learning.

On Sunday morning I downloaded the first ever MMO I played, Asheron’s Call(AC). I’d played many MUD’s before but this was my first taste of the future. The future tasted goooood! I hammered AC for about 5 hours, playing my prefered character- Heavy Artillery in a pointed hat, or as you know them a Mage. AC is no longer been developed, the graphics are very old school but it gave me a happy feeling and allowed me to relive some very old memories. The servers are still running and are basically piggy backing on servers that are running other more modern MMO’s. AC is free to play once you have spent about £5 to reactivate your old account. With it been an ancient game designed before broadband internet connections it runs smoothly over my phone tether all day long.

See you on the other side….


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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