Well black friday, I was doing well. I checked out my favourite PC parts supplier to see if they had any deals on the stuff I wanted, they didn’t. I had a general look at Amazon etc. but my heart wasn’t in it really. My mate and I had been following Fallout 4. Watched the sneak peeks, trailers etc. Seen a few youtube videos to get a feeling for what its really like. Im excited it looks like everything I’d want. It helps that I’m a big fan of Fallout 3, TES: Oblivion and TES: Skyrim. I own Skyrim on both the Xbox 360 and on PC, for me even though I’ve spent 100’s of hours playing its something I can go back to play. In both Oblivion and Skyrim I could start again and become a fighter, not something id normally play. I normally play a primary Mage character, though on Xbox I’ve got my character as an Archer and totally played against my normal playstyle and kicked off with the assasins guild. There is something satisfying about a kick ass stealth kill, which overcame my apprehension about going against my morals. The opening quest for the assasins guild where you have to choose one of three characters to die caused me no end of anguish because there was no moral justification for anyone of them to die. None of them where ‘Evil’ they hadn’t done anything wrong. Unlike on the previous mission where you slay the mistress of the orphange. Must be my internal role-playing, my character is an extension of me therefore normally I play within the bounds of my moral guiding star. So I’m role-playing Lawful Good or maybe pushing Neutral Good. I don’t get so involved in all the games I play. For example Call of Duty over the years depending on what version of the franchise it is i’ve slaughtered untold number of Op Fors. But you/I don’t get invested in FPS’s well not since Battlefield 2:Bad Company. Where as playing TES or Fallout you make an emotional investment in the character you spend time improving them. Where as an FPS you just point shoot and run, maybe I might have been a bit more involved with the original Crysis because it had a slight Roleplay aspect when you unlocked stuff. My mate Dan who is a very impulsive guy decided that he couldn’t wait any longer he needed to play Fallout 4 this weekend. I’ve got to say about my mate that impulsive-ness is an understatement when he gets paid into his bank at midnight he’s spent 95% of it before 6 AM. If he decides he wants something, He cant save up for a few weeks to get exactly what he wants he will just buy a cheaper version so he can have it there and then! So he wanted a PS4, we came home with an X Box One. I am rather jealous!! But it did mean I got to play a little Fallout 4 last night. Dan cant understand that when I decide I want something that I can spend weeks/months mulling over exactly what to buy. For example when I bought myself a flat screen TV I took about 6 months deciding on what my budget was going to be, screen size Etc. Even when I saw the TV I wanted at the right price it still took me 2 weeks to get round to buying it. But I got exactly what I wanted. Same with the computer I bought, I was patient and got a good deal. The Keyboard was a more impulsive buy but I’m still using the cheap mouse that hasn’t been upgraded (Yet!) So I’m going to go out there and label my mate Dan as needing instant gratification. He also takes the easiest path. Which came out as we chatted as Fallout 4 was installing and curry hadn’t been delivered. Summarising Dans’ play style would be kill everything and get what you need off there corpse especially if they don’t shoot back, Very rarely does side quests because he’s killed the character’s that hand them out. He never goes back to replay the games, once it completed its over. How the hell are we friends!!  I text him this morning to find out how he’s doing on Fallout, he’s not enjoying it he keeps dying and forgetting to save wishes he had bought Black Ops III. No amount of pushing him to do side quests to help him on the main story mode will work. He has a plan- probably from the internet play though- and nothing will divert him from the path. Sometime next week I will probably go over and play some side quests for him, well that’s what friends are for -helping, nothing to do with me wanting to play fallout at all, Honest!

I will talk about Black Friday in tomorrows Blog post so for now..

See you on the other side…


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