Black-ness Part II

So all this talk about me been a none impulsive purchaser thats not 100% true. Ahem. Over the last few nights I’ve been trying to download the new update for WoT but for some unknown reason it hasn’t worked. But its okay I have other games to play. Now if you delve back in this blog it started about Eve Online I do like my Sci-fi as well as my fantasy. I’ve not started playing Eve again I cant afford to! But I did dabble in Star Trek Online (STO) about a year ago. My computer is powerful enough to play this MMO and have been having some enjoyable mornings playing this over the last week or so. I can only play STO after midnight and before midday due to the quality of my tether connection. They had a black friday sale, a bonus to how much in-game currancy you could buy and a price reduction on ships. I could not resist temptation I ended up buying a T6 Jupiter Carrier for my Federation engineer  character. This is my Second T6 ship, I got gifted an Andromeda Exploration Cruiser by ARC because I hadn’t played for a year. Which was a very nice enticement to bring me back to the fold. As my main character is an engineer the normal ships to fly are cruisers so I have a lot of cruisers. The Jupiter is my first none Cruiser ship, it’s also my first none engineer focused ship as well. Its a  science ship, which means it has more science stations and less engineer stations. Its a different set-up completely which is great, helping me learn about other bits of tactics. Neither my Andromeda or Jupiter are anywhere near ideal set-ups. But that’s part of the fun of end game content in STO, working towards getting the best gear.

The gear that I had on the Andromeda is transferable to the Jupitor so working to upgrade one upgrades the other which is nice. Over a year ago before I new what the Meta was for ships I made an investment in Tetryon damage. So i’ve had to stick with it and i know this means I am reducing my DPS slightly, but I am going to stick with my decision.

So without further ado, here is the present form of the NCC-93054-A the U.S.S Carl Sagan

Fore weapons 
Advanced Fleet Tetryon Beam Array Mk XII *3
Aft Weapons
Advanced Fleet Tetryon Beam Array Mk XII *2
Kinetic Cutting Beam Mk XII
Terran Task Force Deflector Array
Terran Task Force Impulse Engines
Warp Core
Elite Fleet Reinforced Warp Core
Solanae Resilient Shield Array MK XII
Engineer Consoles
Neutronium Alloy *3
Science Consoles
Fleet Coordination Module
Assimilated Module
Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Amplifier Mk X *2
Tactical Consoles
Vulnerability Locator [Tet]
Tetryon Pulse Generator *2


I Honestly dare not show you my bridge officers they are far from ideal. So where to go from here. the obvious but very exspensive option is to upgrade everything to Mk XIV but as during the upgrade weekend I still hadnt hit Level 15 beam in R&D that will have to wait for a while. I think the next upgrade will be replacing the Solanae shield with the Terran shield but this is a time gated because I have not unlocked terran reputation level 5 yet, soon™. For an easy boost to my DPS I will swap out the Tetryon pulse generators for Vulnaribilty locators. To Improve my Tank swap the neutronium alloys for 2 fleet neutronium alloys freeing up the third slot for a different device. The reason only 2 alloy consoles is because of diminishing returns on multiple consoles. I will probably be saving up my Energy Credits (EC) to purchase a fleet ship module that will allow me to buy the fleet version of this ship that will give me one extra engineer console to play with as well as a slight increase to the hull hit points.

Admirality System

With this been classed as a science ship it is a boon for running the admiral missions. I can run engineer heavy missions but was struggling with even basic requirements for Science and Tactical. The draw back is the extreme cool down timer for this ship so it can only be used for one mission a day much like the Andromeda.

Bridge Officers

Another easy and cheap way to boost my effectivness will be to sort my officers out and get them the right skills, to improve my DPS and to increase my tank.

Overview of the Jupitor

I’m going to have to compare the Jupitor against the Andromeda so I’m not comparing like for like. They are both Tier 6 ships designed for end game content, the Andromeda is a Cruiser which is supposed to play to the Engineers strengths. I have mastery level 5 on the Andromeda but I’m only level 3 in the Jupitor. The Bridge officers on the Andromeda are probably better set-up with the correct skills unlike my Jupitor officers. I’m also new to the nuisances of Carrier style combat and dealing with combat pets. I also will not be supplying any figures to support my claims. I have not set-up a combat parser to log my DPS, something I should do seen as I love spreadsheets. What I am comparing like for like is my modules and my skill in driving a ship as they are both beam array builds. In both ships in crystal catastrophe I’ve picked up 3rd place on a regular basis to give you an idea of my damage output. So my initial feelings for the Jupitor, I like it, I like it a lot. It feels more zippy than the Andromeda and  maybe slightly tankier up to a certain point but once focused fired at present I don’t have the healing required to save me as I do in the Andromeda. But there is more tactical flexibility with having more science options to dish out damage via gravity well, or drain energy using siphon. You also have subsystem targeting which I will have to use more often. Hopefully when I run some normal missions I will get a better idea of how and when I should be using them. Overall I’m pleased with the my purchase and hopefully this ship and my Andromeda should last me a long time. The Jupitor does feel like an upgrade from the Andromeda, I’ve read that many people think that the Andomeda is sub par and there are better T6 ships in the cruiser line. But as I have nothing to compare it with all I can say is i’ve enjoyed flying it and will continue to do so.

See you on the other side…


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