WoT – Xbox and PC

WoT – X Box.

So last night I started to fade at about 9 in the evening, with my remaining energy I put WoT to download. Woke up at about 6 on my way to hunt for breakfast I thought I’d check the download status. I got trolled yet again, x-box was switched off, no downloading had taken place. Grrr Argh! I had changed the settings to NOT automatically turn off after so long on idle. I’m downloading WoT as I’m typing this keeping an eye on the darn thing…


So yesterday late afternoon I really fancied a little tank driving and mayhem. So I fired up the PC and loaded up WoT. I cleared a few slots in my garage and started up the British medium line. Yep, I know I already have that line on the X box but I really enjoy the Cromwell, Comet and Centurion. If I play this line I will be able to make a direct comparison between the two flavours of WoT; PC and Xbox. I know the tactics to use on the tanks and I wasn’t feeling to good yesterday so the path of least resistance was taken. So generally having a mixed bag of games, but struggling. I’m driving the Cruiser III which I did enjoy on the xbox but it’s not going so well for me this time round. So I checked my FPS 35-40 my ping about 95-115ms so nothing wrong there. Now I’ve kind of got used to accurate tank guns, the cruisers auto-loader isn’t known for its accuracy but I should be able to compensate for that, no snap shots unless point-blank range. Maybe it was the difference in zoom and how it works. The PC seem so fiddly after the ease of use on the Xbox. Even after all this I was still struggling to feel comfortable with what and how I was doing. The mouse just didn’t feel a natural aiming tool, ARGH! Well I know my hand eye coordination isn’t what it used to be, but that’s understandable I’m no longer in my early 20’s playing unreal tournament. I can still hold my own in FPS’s I will never be a ‘leet’ player but I don’t shame myself. My mate Dan does that for me, the excuse of not played the CoD since MW II didn’t cut it with him. Also playing with that tiny little controller that comes with the PS3 it’s like I had to turn my hands into a gnarled claw. But back to my present woe, my distinct lack of skill with a mouse and aiming. Over a year ago I was enjoying a bit of Sniper Elite II (No moral issues killing Nazi’s and the Russians well I spent most of my childhood with them been the enemy so I get a pass on that as well) and had no problem with mouse aim. To get a different perspective I loaded up WoWs now the game is slower and I felt no awkwardness in using the mouse. Has playing on consoles reduced my ability for snap shotting and eroded my hand eye coordination. I really hope not, I might download crysis, but I’m sure I played that with a controller.  I have a few theories:-

  • I’m getting old, deal with it.
  • Damage caused by extreme sports has reduced motor control
  • its a cheap mouse that has a rubbish DPI and pole rate

I’m hoping for option 3, honestly it seems the most likely.

WoT is downloading nicely on the X box, well done!

See you on the other side….

<edit> Spelling/grammar mistakes.


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