Gaming = Hobby

In Star Trek Online they are running a winter event where you can eventually earn yourself a T6 Battlecruiser. A Tier 6 ship is the ideal ship to run end game content, they are normally sold in the store and for just over £20 pounds you can buy yourself an end game ship. So with ARC giving one away its a nice Christmas present, you do have to work for it. You have between the 3rd Dec and early in Jan to complete the tasks to get your shiney Battlecruiser. I was at Earth Space Dock selling my loot and taking a little more notice of chat than I normally do (Chat channels in STO are just poorly designed!) when someone made a comment about the Winter event starting the day they went back to work and damn that was bad planning. The usual kind of ‘scrote’ replied that you must be a sad no lifer if you plan your life around a game. Here is the meat of my discussion today.

So Gaming is a hobby, 99% of the people who play games do it in their free time as a distraction and they find it enjoyable and rewarding. You work 5 days a week to support your leisure time in what ever way you feel is best. I personally think there is nothing wrong with planning your life around what you find enjoyable. If work makes you happy and you plan your life around that, that’s fine, its your life. If you watch Soaps or reality TV and you must be home to watch the Live coverage that’s fine you are prioritising your time. A large majority of people live for Saturday sports viewing, its big business. So we can all see that I’m defining a hobby as anything we do in our spare time. It can be engaging or passive it can be skill based or pretty much background noise.

I have spent a lot of time rearranging my life to fit round my hobbies. When I was in my early twenties I worked in an electronics shop and worked every Saturday except one. The one Saturday a year where England played France in the 5 Nations tournament at Rugby, I booked off. My poor GF at the time got excited cause she thought id be able to take her out shopping (Yeagh!) She was not happy when I told her I was off down the Pub with the boys and watching rugby all afternoon. She got to do her hobby of shopping nearly every Saturday, this was my one Saturday off a year which I was taking off for a particular reason. It looks a little selfish but 1 day in 365 that was purely for me, I used to work every Saturday come home and still cook our evening meal even though she had had the day off work. Now don’t get me wrong here, I LOVE cooking I never felt like it was a chore cooking it was just how we partioned work between us. I cooked she cleaned (she liked hoovering… weird!) we both did the washing.

I’ve organised whole holidays around my hobbies not gaming to be fair. But scouring the weather for a mild spell and grabbing that week off and heading up to Scotland to get some last minute monroe climbing in before the winter. Booking days off so I can go to outdoor events dedicated to Climbing, Hiking, Canoeing and Kayaking. So to me this is all normal behaviour and nobody would feel like they had the right to abuse me for the choice I make and the planning I do to partake in my hobbies. When battlefield 3 came out I do recall rushing home (fast walk/jog) to fire up the game and immerse myself in that new game-i-ness. In many walks of life you seem to get a little respect for arranging your life around your hobbies. wether its watching sport or off to gig, but mention your are altering your life for a computer game, you get derided even from other computer gamers. As a hobby computer gaming is in its infancy it is but a babe compared to sports, TV, stamp collecting or train spotting, many people don’t accept it as something worth the time of a fully grown adult. Slowly there is more acceptance, gaming is far more main stream than it was mainly due to the revenue it generates therefore giving it an air of acceptance. Something else I’ve re-arrnged my life around, Star Wars films, yep! When I was working in France I altered my day off and my mates so I could go to the first showing of attack of the clones I had to watch in French but I kept my running tally of seeing all the original and special releases on the big screen.

Thanks for reading.

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