Drawing board the return.

Well its been over a month since I got this 2nd hand PC, I’m still really impressed on what it can do for how little I spent on it. But I’ve managed to save up a little cash and I was ready to splash. So I dived in (from a great height) to see what SSD’s I could afford along with a 64 bit version of Windows 10. After a good look round I found a deal I liked the look of. For a little over £110 I found an SSD and windows 10 bundle package. I’d found exactly what I wanted within my budget and would be a solid upgrade with obvious real world benefits. I then got distracted, I think my stomach told me I was hungry or something. So I ambled off to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich and a pint of tea. While I was enjoying my sandwich and tea three letters struck my happy-ness down. What where those 3 little letters O-E-M! I vaguely remember reading when Windows 10 came out that OEM and free upgrades from earlier versions locked themselves to the Motherboard (MoBo.) So after finishing my sarnie, I returned to my PC with a heavy heart and started searching if it was true. Yes, scuppered! So no point upgrading with an OEM windows 10 version if I only have to buy a retail version later on for a new MoBo. How much is a retail version of Windows 10 £155. Cock! Balls! Well that’s put a spanner in the works. I’ve got to upgrade my Mobo, CPU,  RAM and OS all at the same time. So I’ve been sat here grumbling and generally hating on M$. I shouldn’t really be upset, seen as they gave away so many free versions with there upgrade offer. But for me it sucks a little. So even if I did the upgrade to the AMD A10 I’d still want to buy the retail version because the A10 APU would only be a stepping stone upgrade. Even if that ‘stone’ lasted a year. Well I wont be playing Elite:Dangerous any time soon. RATS!!!! Next year, next year you will be mine!!!

See you on the other side….


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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