STO: Q’s Winter Wonderland

Star Trek Online has just started Its winter deal, you log on 25 times over the Christmas period and run a race once a day and in exchange for you log in you get a T6  Breen Rezreth Dreadnought Cruiser. A great thing about this is that I only have to to do this race once a day on one character and its an account unlock! So it means that my KDF (for you none Star Trek fans just means Klingon faction) Officer will have a T6 ship to play with when he eventually makes it up to level 50, he’s about level 20 at the moment. I do regret making him a science officer, I didn’t think to check to see if the KDF faction actually had any science ships I just assumed they would. Well federation characters have a selection as they level up. I might just make a Federation Science officer so I can see how differently a science character plays.

The Dreadnaught Cruiser is an Engineer based ship for admiralty purposes, which will be nice for my Tactical and Science characters but for my Main who is an engineer I already have enough coverage on the engineer side. All the free ships up to tier 4, a tier 5 refit, a T6 Andromeda as engineer ships, I have a T2 ship and my T6 Jupitor as science ships. But the tactical side I’m woefully lacking I just have the enterprise. Yep just the NX registered version which has a tac value of 5. Which means if a mission has a Tac score greater than about 50 I basically have to pass on it, unless I get lucky and get a Admiral card single use ship which is a tactical, which seems to be rare.

So if you have ever played STO or might fancy giving STO a try, its not a bad deal 25 log in’s after you reach level 5 spend a couple of minutes playing a mini game gets you an endgame ship.

See you on the other side…


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