STO: Jupiter

After my post last week I managed to get enough Dilthium Together to buy 2 * Elite Callisto Light Escorts for my carrier. On paper these are a step up from the peregrine fighters the Jupiter comes equiped with, but with just the numbers at max you have 12 fighters out with the Callisto you have a maximum of 4. Now the Callisto’s have a little more ability to survive but still decide to hug star ships as they explode. Even if you try to recall the escorts as the enemy ship gets to a critical level they can decide not to answer your recall command. So you can quickly loose a large amount of fire power when this happens. Where as the Peregrine fighters are a lot more squishy there are a lot more so the percentage you loose is less. I really need to get a DPS parser working to actually see how much differnt skills, pets do in damage with this ship. I’m still only 40% towards been able to afford a ‘Fleet Ship Module’ so I can buy the fleet version from the store. The next upgrade will be a second Fleet Vulnrability locator to increase my DPS then it will be a fleet neutronium alloy armour to increase my defence. That should keep me busy for the next week.

Q’s Winter Wonderland

So far I’ve managed to do every day to earn my T6 breen ship. But I suffer from a lot of lag in the wonderland so I cant really enjoy the mini-game or any of the other mini game to gain festive decorations to earn myself ‘stuff.’ But you can earn the festival stuff via the Doff system so that’s how acquiring them at the moment. Not sure on what to buy, maybe a uniform. Not that any of my characters are fancily dressed. But maybe a change of uniform would be nice, get the old one cleaned and pressed.


Well just before they added small vessels to the admiralty system I got myself the yellowstone runabout. So I dismissed my old runabout to only find out a few days later that they where about to add small vessels, I was a bit miffed but just shrugged, what can you do! As I was browsing through ships I happened to click on a runabout and noticed I had a token for a little ship! I had bought my runabout with Dil and not got the free one, so I used my token and now have 2 small ships in my admirality system bringing my total amount of ships to 13 on my main character. I’m getting close on the federation side to level 10 which I believe gets me 2 spec points. Which is nice!

See you on the other side…


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