WoT: Xbox/PC

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was having difficulty with World of Tanks on the PC and I couldn’t understand why. Well I continued looking into why this was and I’ve highlighted the reason but don’t know how to fix it! The reason why I’m struggling on the PC version is the movement via the mouse of the turret ‘Jerks’ an equal amount of movement will not equate to the same movement of the turret. I did tests using rulers etc. Checked it against frame rates. I will have to engage in Google-Fu see if I’m missing something. So I actually gave up on playing the PC version and hit up the X Box. I splashed a little cash on the game again, after yesterdays dissappointment about upgrading my MoBo, I cheered myself up by buying 10 garage slots which where at 50% off. I was starting to run out of space, I know that some of the tanks I am working through I’m keeping for example the Chaffee and the Hellcat. But that was leaving me with no space really to progress up the lines I wanted to do. So now I have plenty of breathing room and opens up the chance of maybe making a start at either the German or Russian tank destroyer lines. Also looking at what achievement unlocks I have not earned yet. For example owning multiple tanks from one country/line/type. Another achievement I have not earned yet is kill two tanks with two different ammo types, I forget in the heat of battle or if I do remember I dont land the killing shot.


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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