Mechwarrior Online and Steam.

Steam release of Mechwarrior Online 10th Dec 2015.

Over a year and a half ago I had a great fun playing Mechwarrior Online (MWO.) Its a computer game based on a tabletop wargame, I never played it but was introduced to mechwarrior in the mid-to-late nineties via computer games. My first 3D accelerated graphics card a Matrox PowerVR came with a copy of a mechwarrior game. For the time it was pretty impressive and I spent many hours stomping around shooting other big stompy mechs. When I found out that it had been updated and was an online shooter I couldn’t stop myself to rush and download it. I will hold my hand up and say that I’m not versed greatly in the lore. But it is rich and diverse and has a very passionate following on both the forums and Twitch and Youtube. I will greatly reduce all the books and wiki’s into a few lines. There are 2 main factions the Clans and the Houses. The Clans fled from the Houses, hiding away from the Houses as the Houses warred on themselves and each other tearing humanities civilisation apart destroying much of the technology leading to a dark age. The Clan’s in hiding never went through this dark age and therefore have more advanced technology. The Clan’s are split into two ideologies one which wants to conquerer the Houses and lead by might and subjigate the rest of humanity, the other ideology the wardens want to help guide the houses helping/leading them out of the dark age. Both the Clans and the Houses have a lot of infighting both one vs one, skirmishes and full scale conflicts.  So with much abridged history lesson you can see that it has a good background of fighting. MWO is a game so there has to be balance and Clan mechs arn’t really that much better than House mechs they just work differently but there weapons are slightly longer ranged. MWO has quick battles and a longer reaching Clan/House warfare you earn credits via doing damage etc in battle. More money means new mechs and better equipment. What makes it a more in-depth game is how much customisation you have of your mech no this isn’t mech barbie doll game. I mean weapons not paint jobs, though you can alter your paint jobs as well (if that’s your thing!) Each mech has certain hardpoints but you don’t have to fill all them you might decide to carry heavier but fewer weapons. Or you might fill all your slots and reduce the amount of armour and where that armour is located. Sometimes you find yourself spending as much time in your ‘garage’ tweaking your mech to actually out on the battlefield. When you start playing you might find the tactics very simple, it generally means you all ball up and find the other big ball. But as you play more you can find some order in the chaos and the greater tactics involved. When to support the main ball and when to outflank and poke.

MWO is an enjoyable FPS it has great depth both been able to tinker with the mechs, playing with team deathmatch and Faction warfare. It is free to play, so some mechs are only available via the store. They are generally just champion or hero mechs that earn more credits. Well as you have guessed from the title MWO is now been released on Steam. I wish them the best of luck on the release and hope they get many new players who enjoy battles in big stompy Mechs! I am looking forward to playing again once I have a system that can handle the Graphics! Oh and I’m a warden who fights in a Kit Fox called Kitteh with ECM, a PPC for long range work and 2 SRM (short range misisles) packs that works like a shot gun taking out House Light Mechs. This might not be a viable mech anymore, MWO has had a lot of tweaking done over this last year. So the 10th Dec 2015 that is BIG STOMPY MECH DAY be there or be stepped on!

See you on the other side…


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