Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!

Go on guess what I got to play this weekend, well done here have a cookie. I’d not been able to get around to any gaming for a few days, cause reasons. But on Sunday I made a little time for another go at World of Warships. The first game I played would have been worthy of a youtube replay! A Wickes class destroyer fighting in the open and getting 5 torpedo kills. All 5 kills had the major cause of damage of either direct torpedo damage or flooding. I played the perfect match of spotting,stealth and poking the enemy when he/she was busy shooting, bigger slower targets. I was pretty pleased with this result and spent 2 hours working on leveling my destroyers and cruisers up. But just as I was coming to the end of my available time, I unlocked a days premium, which I got to play 2 games with then the rest is wasted. Its nice that WoWs has these little incentives but I wish you could activate them when they would be of most use. Like next time I decide to play WoWS for 2 hours. I’m excited about unlocking the Fletcher class destroyer because that class of ship was a beast in Battlestations:Midway I just hope it lives up to my expectations. (Though I’m bracing for dissappointment.)

Now I’ve put more time into the game I’ve noticed that the wakes of the ship just appear to be a little off. Graphically they look the business but I mean the actual placement when you travel through the water.

My chance to play any more Fallout 4 evaporated as well, my mate finished it and he sold it so he could get Black Ops III. He might regret that cause his Gold account ran out on Saturday. Oh well once I figure out how to upgrade this PC in an economical way I will have to buy it myself!!

Really need to work WordPress out, sometimes I get a spellcheck option sometimes not. I just wish I could get the old editor up much nicer than this cut down streamlined …..grrr!

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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