Oh the abuse!

Happy New Year!

I’ve been putting some time into WoT, as my mobile connection has stayed steady over a much larger portion of the day than normal. I didn’t think it was possible but holidays seem to increase the amount of stupid! Yesterday I played 15 games with each game me been in the top 5xp earners and I lost every game. These games where all in my Centurion 7/1, so unlike in my Knight I don’t seem to be able to carry games as well. I eventually got so stressed I had a game in my Knight just so I could get a few wins in and satisfy my need to know that I wasn’t the common denominator in the loses. Thankfully I wasn’t and had a few good games in the Knight then moved over to the hellcat. After increasing my self confidence I returned to the upper tiers back to my beloved Centurion, first game was a tier X game. I wish I’d known how to take screenshots because 3 out of the 5 tier ten tanks did no damage and overall a third of the team did no damage. World of Idiots not World of Tanks. But even though I was stressed not one person got a rude message from me about how maybe they should go play Sims or Viva Pineta. I did send one message to a French dude driving a Russian TD, we stood shoulder to shoulder holding the line 2 vs 6 to win the day. The whole match holding one flank, both playing to our strengths me spotting and chasing down lights and him putting the pain on heavies as they made a push. So I sent a nice message thanking him for the game and complimented his team work, which he replied that he didn’t speak English. So I translated it into French wasn’t sure which version of teamwork to use so I took a punt and hoped he would understand. He did. I’ve recieved a rather amount of hate messages. One I can understand I DC’d in a bush and died doing no damage I got a message in French about been a (my translation maybe not accurate) Pussy Camper. From his point of view it could look like that. But the most wonderful human beings award goes to the Russians. I’ve had cyrillic messges which after the first few I just don’t bother to translate. But a few Russians take the time to send me abuse in English which is nice of them. I wonder if the reason I get so much abuse from them Russians is because they make the mistake of thinking my ‘handle’ means I’m from America. One nice Russian guy called me a ‘N00b’ because I killed him and he had scored less than 30 damage, yeah I was been so noober that I slide just under 4000 damage and was top ranked. So I replied and thanked him for his tears which he replied to me ‘racist.’ Maybe he only knew a few English words but at least he was trying! I’ve now learnt how to take screenshots on my XBone, so if I remember I can take a few screenies.

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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