XBox One: Elite Dangerous

The main picture is my first taken on my X Box, It shows my Sidewinder watching the sun rise over a gas giant some 80 light years from Earth. On Boxing day I woke up and checked to see if Elite: Dangerous (E:D) had gone on sale it hadn’t I bought it anyway. Who says I’m not impulsive. So that brings the grand total I’ve punted on E:D upto £129.99, £100 of this was when I was working and was for the kickstarter campaign. I got to play in the ‘beta’ but my computer died just before it went ‘gamma.’ So £29.99 for the Xbox version. Honestly, I’m not bothered, I’m totally loving it. Out of all the games I’ve played Elite more than the total of every other game. Guess that makes me a fan boi! A huge portion of that gaming would be hunched over a 48k Spectrum + in the lounge of my family home. Then playing Elite plus and Elite II on a beige box PC.


In Elite you ‘fly’ a Multi-role Fighter – a Cobra Mk III, In E:D you have to work up to getting that space ship. Once I had played for a few hours I’d gained myself a Cobra Mk III and decided to go and explore around my starting location. The picture above is my Cobra coming rather close to a rather deadly stellar object, a neutron star. When you jump between star systems you come out of hyperspace close to the star systems, deep in the gravity well. A Neutron stars have a very steep ‘well’ so you can if your not careful cause yourself a lot of damage if your not on the ball. After this rather close call I decided to make the 80 light year journey towards the area around out ‘Sol’ system. I really wanted to visit Ross 145 and see the planet Aster and its moons Merlin and Dustball.


Again still in my Cobra and here you see the Blue-green moon Merlin and the white gas giant Aster in the background. I spent a lot of time flying from and to this system in Elite II, it was like coming home. Although I was saddened to see that Aster had lost its ring system. I am looking forward to landing on Merlin in the future and see planet rise from the ground!

Last night I needed a change of pace I had been mainly running cargo and missions, with the aim to get a permit to fly to the Sol system and finally return ‘Home.’ So I decided to go and shoot some pirates in a resource extraction site. I was invited to join 2 guys who where already running the site. This made my evening more interesting and easier and meant for them instead of sharing bounties two ways it was now split 3. So other than the speed we could take down pirates there was no bonus for them. But it was a fun and interactive way to spend a few hours and I earn’t just over 500k credits will have to do it again cause ‘Papa needs a new shield generator.’ Actually Papa needs a new everything most of my kit is one class off top spec, gotta be the best. After I have got all the best equipment on my Cobra, I will have to decide what my upgrade path is, trade in for another multi-role ship or specialise either fighting or trading.

I’m hoping I get to ‘Wing’ up with other people, that is why I was so excited about the ‘kickstarter’ been able to interact with other people. Yes it is difficult to meet up cause the galaxy is a big place, but when you do it makes it all the sweeter.

See you on the other side…



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