Forgot to get proof.

I didn’t take a screen grab to back up my claims. I know, very silly. I mentioned in an earlier post that over Christmas it was more World of Idiots than World of Tanks. Yesterday I got the evidence that I needed and didn’t take the screen shots. I know when a tank first comes out, the score needed to get a mastery badge is a lot harder than a well established tank. On my Knight my first Mastery badge was only earned after a 3000 point damage game. Where as my Centurion mastery badge was earned on a (aprox) 4000 point damage game. Now my assumption is there will only be small variance week to week unless a new tank is released or something gets a buff/nerf in the same tier. I’m going to equate that variance to about 500 points of damage which is aprox through my calculations is how I’ve gained the mastery badges. So coming back to my games yesterday I acquired my knight mastery badge on a 1700 damage game and my Centurion with 2700 damage. If this was the normal number I should be swimming in mastery badges. The mastery badges are calculated on the previous weeks scores as far as I’m aware. So I infer from this that people playing at least the Knight and Centurion 7/1 last week where spoons.

With this conclusion if there is a tank in your collection that has so far elluded you getting its mastery this would be a very good week to get that badge.

I did an experiment yesterday and turned the map off and used the radar, because I have seen at least 2 Xbox ‘youtubers’ use the radar. I really wanted to go back and see if I was missing something about the radar. I really hated it! I only managed 3 matches, not enough to make a decent report or draw any real strong conclusions about the use of radar. But it only allows me to confirm my opinion that the map is so much greater as an intelligence gathering tool. During those 3 matches I felt that I’d lost over 90% of my situational awareness. With the map you can follow in real time the progress or lack thereof of your team. It allows you to be prepared as you see a flank dissolve and give you time to redeploy. There is nothing worse than been shot in the bum cause you didn’t see the other flank collapse!

I’m not colour blind but I do play with the settings activated, I also turned this off in an another experiment. To be honest there is no real world loss for me on this front. I just prefer shooting purple tanks than red ones. Try it, you might like it!

See you on the other side…


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