Capturing the Flag

Only read the <bonus> If you don’t mind a little colourful language!

I think that in WoT capturing the flag is and should be part of your tactical arsenal. But like any tactic knowing when and how you use it is important. I assume that everybody has been in that game where a light has broken through the opposition runs straight to the cap point and sits there while your team has the numbers to overwhelm the opposition but has the opportunity removed by the one selfish driver. So everyone ends up with less than they could have earned, But at least your team wins. The other more painful scenario often plays out that some slow moving tanks make it to the opposition cap circle just as your other flank crumbles, instead of capping as soon as they get there, they turn there slow lumbering tanks around and try and retrace there steps. Within a minute of turning round a number of enemy tanks roll into the cap circle and from that point you have lost. To make the informed decision you need to be aware of the tactical situation, you have to be aware of where you are and team and the numbers of spotted enemies and sometime more importantly try and work out where the non spotted team mates could be hiding. This information is the basics of becoming a good tank commander before even learning driving techniques. From this tank counting technique you can learn when you need to push, when to hold your ground and when to retreat. If you don’t like the term ‘retreat’ you could just advance in another direction. If I see a tank on the battle field suddenly stop and change direction in the beginning of the game to help cover/re-enforce a flank I know that I have at least one team mate that is aware of there surroundings. I understand that sometimes it’s just not viable for certain tanks to redeploy, I drive a Churchill VII but sometimes that’s handy cause I have not got too far away from the cap circle.

If you are just doing the simple act of counting tanks and realising their positions this will help you decide when capping is  a relevant tactical decision. You assess yours and the teams mobility, health, position verses the same factors on the opposition. It can be a very subjective and don’t be scared to alter your decision as the tactical map changes. You can roll out of the circle to give your team mates more time to finish off the enemy!

See you on the other side…



People who play light tanks in tier V and above need to learn to not be idiots! Strong language but yes IDIOTS!! You might not like been bottom tier but you clicked the button, so now play the game. Personally I enjoy scouting its a rather tense experience, gets the old blood pumping. Today I got about 2 hrs playing time had some awesome games and a few terribad. Got my usual dose of abuse from Russian players, the nice guy kept trying to nudge me out round a corner in front of two tier X tanks and a TD. Because I wouldn’t pull forward to be shot at and was acting as a scout/shooting and then waiting those 10 seconds for my gun to reload in cover. There was enough room to be on the outside of me, but that wasn’t good enough for him he wanted my spot! I really didn’t want to exspose my flanks to switch places with him at all. He questioned my parents marital status when I was conceived.

But back to scouts. Having even a half decent scout on your team makes everyone’s life easier and if that player lasts to the end game. It can be amusing watching a low tier scout harassing top tier heavies. You rarely get more than one scout in a tier IX/X match so that one tank is precious. That little tank is a force multiplier the longer it survives and it stays useful the more value it has. Just by been alive and constantly keeping enemies spotted can be such an annoyance that you might get the full ire of a whole flanks trying to shoot you. Which is great, gives your team mates a chance to pick off a few enemies. But today not since Wargaming had the last scouting op have I seen so many suicide scouts. I’m defining the suicide scout as the idiot that drives directly into the opposition force just to get the points from spotting. I’m not railing at the guys that get caught in the open or spotted hiding in bushes. But just the ones that want to get a few hundred experience for a tank in less than 2 minutes and get themselves onto another game. The idiots that have no thought for the team and only want a little gain just for themselves. Maybe I’m just showing my age, I was taught that winning was important and for that to happen you had to work together (I didn’t really enjoy sports at school, rather amusing in what career I eventually choose.) I know for many years in British schools winning gets poo-pooed in favour of just taking part. People don’t play WoT, chess or poker to come second and they really don’t want to come second cause some selfish prick throws their tank away, because they are to lazy or stupid to learn how to play a difficult role.


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