STO and E:D

I got the winter T6 ship, then I busied myself with the R+D event to get most of my equipment upto mark XIV. I’ve not really noticed a great deal of difference, none of my stuff went up in rarity. I also don’t have the shields R+D to 15 so didn’t manage to upgrade that kit. But I burnt through about 200k dilthium so I’m dilthium poor again. I earned both admirality bonus ship cards and the 2 specilization points from the federation but still working on the klingon. Overall the winter event got me a lot of gains, but now I feel burnt out. I know the free ship is to get good metrics of how popular the game is and I appreciate the shiny ship. But I need a break so I can return in the future and earn the 5-6 million energy credits I need for a fleet ship module. Yes I still want the fleet version!

Mon_Jan_18_16-47-52_UTC_2016But for now my intergalactic ride is going to look more like this, my beloved Cobra Mk III.

I’m very jealous of all the PC bods running flying around landing on planets finding the alien barnacles. I’m enjoying the slow burn of the ‘story’ in Elite. It goes against the normal instant gratification of the ‘MTV Generation’ or ‘Generation X.’ I hope that Frontier can resist the demands for more story line instantly and not take to heart the comments I see on many YouTube videos about Elite been empty. Even though I only play on the Xbox (until I can find a way to make £1k for a new PC), I am in rapture about everything I can do. There are no rails, no corridors. Its like a gripping novel or a well made film the better your imagination to fill the gaps the more you can get out of either media. Its an RPG with no pre-set classes. I played both D&D and AD&D while growing up, the Dungeon Master told the story, set the game world and we the ‘party’ got to doing things unexpected. Frontier and David Braben have set up the world and initiated a story and we all get to Paaaarty! (Ladies, gentlemen…)

See you on the other side…


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