No rant today, Honest Guv!


The above picture shows a single game but I had many like it on Sunday. A defeat but an amazing game! Without the daily’s 1136 xp for a defeat, I didn’t take the team screenshot far to many embarrassed people not doing any damage (over a third of the team!!!!) During the whole fight the enemy had a Knight acting as a scout who was a thorn in my side and it was him who lead the push against me and over run my position in a pincer movement allowing a Tiger to finish me off. I wish I’d been able to take more screenshots but as you can see by the amount of damage I blocked I was a little busy. I took a lot of early damage in the game from Arty, I can’t blame them I’m a big slow target, I would shoot me if I was them!

The Black Prince

If Sesame Street dealt with British tanks it would be brought to you by the letter ‘C’. For example Churchill, Cromwell, Comet, Centurion, Conquerer, Caernavon, Covantor, Challenger but these are all tanks that saw action unlike the Black Prince(BP). The BP was a prototype that never saw action and was a development of the Churchill line of tanks. I started down all the different lines of British tanks but only kept going on the medium’s. I did not enjoy either of the Churchill’s  I’m finding the BP only slightly better. My first game in it I was appalled I came across an IS who penetrated me with every shot through my turret. I was just thinking that it was going to be another hate-filled grind like I’m having with the american Lee (How I hate that tank! But I love shooting at it!) But I realised after a lot more games I think the IS was just spamming gold. I’ve been putting the time into working my way through the BP I’m finding it less hard work than I did the Centurion I, different tiers but I struggled but not so with the BP. If I’m bottom tier the speed of the BP can mean that its all over but the singing by the time I get to the front, or to a position suitable for a BP. The BP has a medium tank gun, as a lot of the British heavies have which reduces its alpha damage there by reduces its effectiveness in corner poking situations. But with a good 8 degrees of gun depression and fairly accurate gun makes it suitable for ridge line brawls and sniping attempts. As I’m pretty sure I wont be keeping this tank I fitted the net, bino’s and tool-kit don’t want to be paying for removal of equipment if I can help it. At the moment my Heavy tank crew has only sixth sense and 75% in repair, so I might have to keep the BP for a while once I’ve got the xp for the next tier. I want sixth sense, repair, camouflage and brothers in arms before the next tier. But I might get too excited once I’ve unlocked the next tank. Hehe.

The BP does play like a slow more heavily armoured/armed medium if you have gone up the Bitish medium line a lot of the unlocks are cheap because you already have the gun unlocked, you only really are coughing up xp for engines, tracks and radios. The guns are all very familiar from the medium tank line;-

  • OQF 17-pdr Gun Mk. VII
  • OQF 20-pdr Gun Type A Barrel
  • OQF 20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel

You also get to re-use the centurions turret.

It’s not till tier IX you see a new gun -120 mm Royal Ordernance L1A1 which is instead of the mediums 105mm RO L7A1. So overall I’m enjoying the new playstyle of the BP as I can soak up some damage and as I progress up the tank tree I can expect to be along the lines of a heavy medium, more support than close range knife fight. But we shall see.


I nearly forgot to grab my free tank and garage slot this christmas I left it rather late (only had 6hrs to claim it.) I think my terrible ping on the PC version really messes with my enjoyment where as on the Xbox my ping of over 120ms does not bother me as much.

See you on the other side…


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