WoT: Lakeview



This is a snapshot of the Lakeview map a few minutes into the game. I’m pushing into the town in my Centurion 7/1 following a tier VIII heavy up the Zero line. There are 4 of us that have entered the town and engaging the spotted 5 enemy heavies. Two of the teams heavy tanks have not moved from the starting zone. Three tank destroyers and a tier IX medium have taken positions on the lake road, the remaining 5 tanks have pushed through the ‘Valley of Death’ taking out two tier IX’s and a tier VIII in the process and are about to rip apart the medium on the opposing team who is AFK. The green team looks to be on a roll. I’d like to say we won, we didn’t we got our behinds spanked then handed back to us. Of the twelve enemy tanks left on the map, eleven have rolled into town and are about to swamp and outflank our forces. I’m in H9 facing north with a heavy in F9, my original plan was to just lock down this road working as a second line support tank. Less than 30 seconds after this screenshot was taken all the enemy tanks where spotted surrounding the other 3 tanks in the town. I think my mistake here was instead of retreating I held the line stopping the enemy getting shots into the rear of the heavy at F9. I have no problem with retreating or changing positions on the map, I really don’t like leaving comrades to die. I have no qualms about the RLSG (Run Like a Screaming Girl) tactic which is a great option when you drive light/medium scout tanks. But this tactic is for when I’m alone not working as a small team within a larger group.

Once the enemy had secured the town they quickly applied pressure by capping and spotting the lake road TD’s very quickly removing that force from the equation. To the north of the town there are building and plenty of bushes to offer plenty of camouflaged sniping spots which to make the valley of deaths teams ability to assault round that corner non-existent. The enemy team was able to engage us in three small groups. Initially numerical superiority won in the town, then from an entrenched position the enemy picked apart one group then the other.


The ‘Valley of Death’ or where heavies go to die, If there are no SPG’s on the map then defence is so much easier than attack. Tactics in the classical age to the medieval stated that taking a castle or fortress you needed a ratio of between 5 and 10 to one to win in a seige. A defence of maybe 4 or 5 Heavies/Tank Destroyers can blunt an attack. With tanks been funneled  through the natural breach reducing the number of tanks that can attack at once. The attackers can be quickly picked apart. In my opinion there is no need for light or scout tanks in the valley of death with a well set up defence.

Lake road can give early spots of tanks before they enter town and both ends offer fields of fire into the centre of town. Perfect position for TD’s and heavies, its also important to stop the enemy using there field of fire into the town. This can be done be a heavy push up the road or a quick light scout to spot the enemy and allow the town to return fire.

In the town the fight normally takes part in the centre around the church. Every tank is useful here with it been small area, lights/scouts can do quick slashes at enemies getting round corners out of line of sight quickly. Scouts can also push through the town quickly, spotting slow moving tanks driving down towards the lake or spotting tanks on the lake road. Heavies and TD’s with support from the mediums to keep the fast tanks off the flanks can dominate here.

On encounter this is where the bulk of the tanks should be aiming for, overwhelming the enemy locally, then picking the enemy team apart as they approach. Just as the enemy did to the green team here.

See you on the other side…


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