Fallout, no just keep it tooked in!

I’ve been dipping in and out of Fallout 4, I have got about 20 hours played so far. I played 12 hours before I found a weapon that used a particular calibre. It felt like mana from heaven when I found it, so I didn’t have to go off the top ropes on them ghouls all the time. In the last 2 hours I have also acquired a combat shotgun! There is something about shotguns in computer games. I blame Doom, that animated pump action shotgun was awesome, then the double barrelled sawn off animated as well. I’m not actually using the power armour or mini-gun. I am spreading the use out of different calibre’s so I never get low on any type of weapon. I have 2 different calibre of sniper rifles, 3 different hand gun calibre’s, one pump action shotgun and one lazor rifle. I have no use for the double barrelled variety at the moment.But I am on the look out for other power armour, got to collect them all.

So in 20 hours how far have I got… Ermm not very far. I keep wandering around exploring, looting everything. In Skyrim I have a problem with alchemy its always my first skill to 100, no matter what the type of character. Looting in Fallout has triggered the same need to collect as collecting all the ingredients for alchemy, it almost obsessive.

The crafting system is enjoyable and simple, I am really enjoying tinkering with my guns and armour. Mainly my guns, cause that just more fun! I have not gone very far into it, only got armourer and science to rank 1. To much time exploring not enough time completing missions!

I might end up dreaming about crystals and nuclear material tonight.

See you on the other side…


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