Going a bit Welsh see. Oi Bat you seen me Caernarvon!

Other than doing the Star Trek Online 6th Aniversary missions, I’ve put some time into WoT. Unlocked the Caernarvon, finally escaped the Black Prince. Got a few battles in and unlocked a few modules, so I’ve equipped the 20 pdr type A barrel and centurion mk II turret and just grinding the 27k experience for the top engine so I can get the type B barrel. I had played about 10 games in the Caernarvon then went back to the Centurion 7/1 for a few matches the centurion felt speedy… haha. The Caernarvon is a heavy support tank, it just does not have the armour to play a front line brawler. It almost plays the same role as the 7/1. I have had some fun matches in it and am feeling good about the time I’m going to spend in it working up towards the Conquerer.


The lemming train is real.

Myself and the 2 Tank destroyers worked well together and where over matched by one tank but put in some good teamwork, we focused fired and won the engagement and the flank and pushed round taking out the few defenders on the D line to then apply pressure by pretending to cap and take pressure off our struggling and losing team on top of the hill. Hammering the tanks that came to de-cap the base. But you got to love that lemming train though!

The British line of heavies are not really heavy heavies. They are support heavies, they have medium tank guns! So with the Bonus mission been available for the IS line of Russian tanks, I’ve had a go with a few of the tanks. At the moment I’m playing the last medium on the line before they go to heavy tanks the T-28. What i want to say about this tank I would have to redact! My win ratio on it at the moment is 28%. Honestly its like arty has more of a boner for this tank than they had for my Black Prince. I’ve been one shotted by a Hetzer firing on the move. I have no love for this tank… I think I dislike it more than the Lee. I’ve still not Finished ‘Grinding’ the Lee, I just cant bring myself to play it, I should just to get it over with. Finished the Hellcat so I can upgrade when I ready, but I think I will hold off and level up my crew some more.

Should I stay or should I go!

If you have not read much of my blog, I don’t play WoT as free-to-play I do drop some money on it. But Im not pumping hundreds in I have spent less than £30 pounds on it so far. Even though I have some free slots left 6 I think its a constant nagging do I keep a tank or do I sell it. For me the Centurion 7/1 is a keeper as well as the comet the AT-2 other tanks are sold with relish the Black Prince (The BP is not that bad of a tank I just didn’t get on with it myself!) Others I’ve kept like the Centurion I but never actually play. So the Centurion I will be the first sacrifice if I ever need cash! I am undecided on what to do with the Hellcat, I enjoy playing the tank but is it stand out worthy in the line. For example I regretted selling my Cromwell but eventually replaced it with the Knight. I kept the Luchs but will be selling the Leopard. But for now the Hellcat needs to train up the skill of my crew to 100% camo. Did any of you guys keep the Hellcat if so why, or did you sell it and regret it?

See you on the other side…


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