STO: Free Stuff.

In Star Trek Online (STO) the ships are split into Tiers from 1-6 with Tier 5 having a sub level call U, so you get T5 and T5-U. A T5-U is an upgraded Tier 5 ship to gain some of the benefits of a T6 ship. The reason for this is T5 ships where the top dog for so long and people had invested a lot of money into them the developers didn’t want to alienate the player base. So now T6 ships are the top of the food chain and end game content is aimed towards the power of these ships and T5 ships are now underpowered.

Do you even T6, bro!

When playing a ‘Free’ to play game I strongly believe that you should put your money into a game that you play. For example I play both WoT and Star Trek Online, both games I’ve invested some money in. Even though I’ve put money into these games I try to spend that money wisely, for example I only buy permanent camouflage for my tanks when it’s on special offer. Now WoT and Star Trek Online treat there player base differently. When WoT gives away a free tank you can almost guarantee that it will be a tier II/III out of a maximum of 10. Where as STO actually gives away some top tier ships on a regular basis normally 3 times a year winter/summer/anniversary. The winter/anniversary are rather close together, with the anniversary running at the moment. So what Tier 6 Ships do I have.

U.S.S. Pushkin -Andromeda class Cruiser

Perfect tanking ship for an Engineer character I got this ship free to entice me back after an absence.

U.S.S. Carl Sagan – Jupitor Class Carrier

My present ride of choice a ship really aimed at Science characters, but still works well with my Engineer character. I bought this ship and also spent some money on upgrading my account with some useful features. Presently working towards getting a fleet module so I can get the uprated version of this ship.

Humber – Breen Rezreth Dreadnought Cruiser

Not actually flown yet. This T6 ship was the winter giveaway.

U.S.S. Isembard Kingdom – Escort

Brand new ship another freebie, this time for using raptr, spent points that I earnt by playing games. Not actually flown as yet, because this will be my first none beam build. I will have to acquire some new weaponary.

Krenin Science Ship

Not actually got this ship yet, but I’m over 50% of the way through acquiring this ship through the anniversary event.

So 5 ships for end game content and I’ve only bought 1. Honestly 1 T6 ship is all you really need, but why not have a whole fleet. Just comparing STO vs WoT I have 3 free tanks all tier II out of X. ‘Free Stuff’ is free and I’m not complaining I’m just pointing out the quality of the free stuff that different companies offer. With the free tanks each tank does come with a free garage slot, where as the free space ships don’t come with an associated free slot. You can sell the free tank and keep the garage slot if you so want.

I’ve nearly run out of Gold in my WoT account so I will soon be topping up the account. I’ve got enough for swapping out equipment/skills but not enough to buy any permanent camouflage. I probably wont be sinking enough money to buy a premium tank there is nothing that I fancy at the moment.

Elite Dangerous has offered some loot recently as well. They had a PAX south deal for a special Cobra Mk III paint job. When I signed for it there was the option to get it on the PC or XBox. YES, that means the XBox paint jobs will coming soon™. According to forums, paint jobs will available in the next patch. As I have a few free paint jobs for the PC I decided to get it for the XBox. I also  bought PCGamer to get a different free paintjob for the same Cobra Mk III on the PC. All the free stuffz belong to me!!!

See you on the other side…


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