I’ll treat her like a classic, polish her and only drive her on Sundays.

Often when gaming it’s a rush to get to the fun stuff. You know end game content, bigger guns, faster ships, bigger BOOM! I bought Elite Dangerous on the XBOX on boxing day since then I’ve flown 4 ships. The starter ship the sidewinder, fun to fly very small.


From little acorns come great oaks.

Then I bought a Hauler for all aspiring ‘White Van Man.’ The hauler didn’t last long, just a handful of trade runs till I could afford a Viper Mk III. I Skipped the Adder and Eagle for a Viper which didn’t last long, its a one trick pony. Which led me to the Estate car equivalent in Elite my beloved Cobra MK III. Why estate car well it can do a little of everything:- Jack of all trades, master of non. Or as marketing type would push it, a multi-role vessel.


What a beauty, those classic lines!

So I have been flying around in this ship for over a month, its a ship you can get into in the first few hours of play! Nostalgia plays a part, this is the ship you flew in the original Elite. For an entry level ship that costs just over 300 000 credits the upgrades can get a little pricey.

A rated Cobra

Looking at the internal upgrade options for the Cobra.

The power plant, thrusters, frame shift drive and shield generator are all class A and size four which costs about 1 500 000 credits so that’s 6 million for those few pieces.  This configuration is mainly multi-role the life support and sensors are D-rated the lightest components to get the maximum jump range. I down graded the fuel tank. It normally has a C4 tank which has 16T fuel capacity. With the top end FSD using a maximum of 3T of fuel per jump allowing 5 jump or about a 100 light year range on one tank of gas. But have 16T of fuel onboard lowers your jump range because of the increased mass. As I’m using this Cobra in ‘civilised’ space I’m not far from a station or with my loadout a ‘cool’ star for scooping.

Fuel scooping

Dancing with nuclear fire, or as it’s called in Elite ‘fuel scooping.’

I added an extra Cargo rack an E2 for an extra 4T because I’d been doing a lot of trading. But that can easily be removed and replaced with something else when I decide to give something else a go. I’ve stuck with the cobra for so long because I have been able to use the ship at whim, either combat or trade with a little exploration while trading. The Cobra just handles very nicely and is a joy to fly and I’ve been able to enjoy myself and not be grinding towards the next big thing or the next or next…. Just enjoying where I’m at. I gained a trade rank on Sunday which was nice but it just happened while I was having FUN. I would link But I cant seem to find the article but if you want to you can earn the top ship in less than a month maybe even a week or so. But I really don’t want that. I’m getting more out of the game by role-playing the character I want to be. The mix of Lando Calrissian, Han Solo and Wedge Antillies and maybe a little Boba Fett occasionally.

I am keeping this ship! It would make upgrading easier if I just sold it, but I’m not going to. I have just over 2 million credits in the bank and I’m going to go and buy myself a Larkon Type 6. It’s going to be like a 2 ‘car’ family with one ‘car’ been a Volvo estate the other a white Ford Transit van. So if I fancy some combat or mission running I will grab the Cobra and if I decide to do some trading I grab the Type 6. So going to be ‘trucking’ for a while.

I Fluffed an approach to a station and while trying to do a U-turn between a gas giant and a moon I got too close to the moon and saw the HUD for moon landings ready for Horizons on the Xbox.

Xbox Landing UI

HUD air-less worlds landing – Horizons (Soon™)

I didn’t take a picture at the time (don’t crash, don’t crash…. arrrrrr. Phew.) so I went back and took this instead! So just seeing the HUD for planetary landings makes me excited about the future and exploring strange new worlds (and civilisations!(then most likely shooting them with ma Lazors!)). Must save up for another multi-role ship that also has lots of emotional meaning for me the Asp Explorer. I Spent a lot of time in the Asp Explorer in Elite II trading and skimming gas giants for hydrogen fuel. The Asp is the premium exploration vessel in elite with its long jump range and plenty of utility mounts. I’ve got so many ships to look forward to. Honestly I’d like peaceful relations with the Thargoids but I am think to much EM Radiation has already been exchanged, if the PC players and the shooting of ‘barnacles‘ is anything to go by.

I used the Xbox’s record feature for a landing that I was proud of. Not fast, but maybe hopefully a little elegant.


With that… Adieu.


See you on the other side…


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