British ‘Heavy’ Tank



  • Tier: VIII
  • Armour: Weak lower glacis, difficult to angle upper glacis unless on the back of a ridge.
  • Speed: 34 Kph – Slow
  • Armament: OQF 20 pounder type ‘B’ Barrel
  • HP: 1600
  • Plays up to Tier: X
  • View Range: 400
  • Camouflage: Below Average
  • Radio: 750m
  • Play style: Support tank, ridge line fighter
  • Equipment: (I use)
    • Bino’s
    • Net
    • Toolkit

Musings on the Caernarvon.

The Caernarvon isn’t like other heavy tank’s, it does not want to be a heavy tank, it wants to be a medium. It wants to be a medium support tank like it’s Centurion siblings. Like its Centurion brothers it has an easily penetrated lower glacis which when penetrated ignites your ammo rack! You cannot play this tank like a standard heavy it dose not want to be in a town corner fighting. If you have gone through the British medium line you will find the unlocking of the guns nice and cheap. If you go up through the British heavy line first you will then find the medium line a lot quicker to work through. The Caernarvon starts off with the 17 pdr from the previous tier, which is hellish if you end up in a tier X match, then you unlock the 20 pdr A type barrel from the tier VIII medium the Centurion. Yes, a medium gun, with its Alpha and DPM! This gives you a little more clout useful in those dasterdly tier X match ups. Then the final unlock you get a down rated version of the Centurion 7/1’s 20 pdr type ‘B’ Barrel. Yes a down graded medium tank gun, wargaming must really hate British tanks. I think they heard the western propaganda that it was the British that invented the tank (stolen from the work of that scamp Di Vinci.) 100 years old this year not bad, Happy Tanking! So yes downgraded from 10.52 rounds a minute to 7.69 rounds but with the same accuracy of 0.31 and aim time of 1.89 and same damage and penetration. The accuracy of the gun lends it to sniping or hitting weak spots on the enemy at closer range. The Caernarvon gets a Centurion turret somewhere between the Centurion I and the 7/1 if you can find the perfect slope of 10 degrees and get to use the excellent gun depression you can bounce a few shots but it’s no where near as good as the Centurion 7/1’s turret.

You are a very big and slow lumbering target expect all arty players to have a massive erection for your tank and lavish you with all the HE you could ever want. Tier V light scouts laugh at you and your slow lumbering and enjoy poking you as they circle and throw taunts and AP shells at your large rump. No tank will ever be scared of you when playing the Caernarvon, heavies will weather your piddling damage and just play ‘knifey knifey’ which you are never going to win. Even Tier VIII mediums are unlikely be afraid of you and know they have the mobility and speed to weather 1 or 2 rounds while they work on circling you. You are just not a tank to be feared, you don’t get the respect that say a Tiger II has for example.

But (and its a big butt) You can still have monster games in this tank. You have to play to your strengths, you are a slow, slightly heavier armoured medium tank. The top gun does have good penetration enough to punch through a lot of tier X armour. You need a ridge line, some bushes and a camouflage net, If you play the Centurion 7/1 you know how to play this inferior version.

mastery game caernarvon

So above is the screenshot of me earning my mastery badge and picking up a Devastator badge as well. It was an odd game because it didn’t play to the strengths of the tank but relied more on close team work with another heavy sweeping down a flank and then mopping up the rear guard then hammering the main attack force of the enemy from the rear!

I enjoy playing this tank, but then again I love my Centurion 7/1, I have not fitted any permanent gear to this tank which really is the telling factor. It just can’t compete with the 7/1 but still meets all the big boys that the 7/1 does but with out that lovely 105mm cannon. Even the 20 pounder on the 7/1 had a higher DPM so you could whittle away at the HP’s of a tank if it got tracked in front of you.

I’m not finding this tank a grind I enjoy playing it but I am looking forward to the Conquerer at tier IX and getting the first real heavy tank gun a 120mm L7A1. Working through the Caernarvon you also want to appreciate to unlock the Tier IX you only need 110 000 xp where as unlocking the equivalent in the German line moving from the Tiger II to the E75 costs 154 000 xp.

See you on the other side…


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