The Lemming Train.

The great World of Tanks Lemming Trains…


Here I am sitting in the Centurion 7/1, it’s a tier IX match up, I’m top tier so feeling okay. But then I realise that I’m almost on my own, I say almost the scout is tier VI and the tank destroyer is tier VII. There is a good chance that I will be spotting for my little followers. Arty is going to stick in that corner and support the hill push! I enjoy going up the hill but very rarely do because even though the 7/1 make an excellent hill fighter with its good gun depression and great Horse Power/Tonne ratio it can often be a lemming train like the above picture shows. I didn’t survive the battle but I held the line for as long as I could then did a fighting retreat back towards the cap circle. Neither the scout or tank destroyer lasted very long but there presence at the start slowed down the eventual rush from 2 mediums and a heavy that pushed me back. The score for my 2 assistants was very poor there support for me didn’t show in there xp figures, but I couldn’t have done it with out them.  Because I held the flank against just over a third of the enemy team, it saved the arty and us been capped. I also kept there arty busy for at least 5 minutes while he peppered the ridge line where I was playing peek-a-boo. Eventually the enemy realised I was alone and pushed towards my position I withdrew back towards the cap circle out of line of sight of the enemy tank destroyers and present a moving target for arty. I died about where the scout tank is on the map a few moments later the hill push won and came charging down the hill sweeping away the arty and tank destroyers then the mediums raced across the map to catch the enemy trying to nail our arty. It was an enjoyable game but for want of one heavy tank to help me on my flank I think I would have survived. Curses!

World of Tanks Douche bags.

If I get killed I often use it as a learning experience, no not my death(well not this time.). But by watching other players especially if there in an area I don’t often find myself in.


So I was on the right flank and I’ve died at E9 the last tank on a failed push, our team has just been over matched out played. GG to our enemy’s. But I had noticed we had a TD that had hid here at the back all game at A8. He wasn’t AFK cause he was jiggling his tank around but down below the hill. The only damage he did all match was the few shots he got into the medium that eventually found him. Yes I was vexed and counted the damage just to check. So here we have a player sat in a premium tank having no input into the game what so ever and earning more money than myself in my Caernarvon.


That player really annoyed me but I managed to refrain from sending a choice message over live and instead took a screenshot and thought I could write a post about that douche. You will also notice that I removed his name from the screenshot, I’m writing this 2 days after the screen shot was taken so I’m over it.


I’ve been having a little fun using the Xbox One’s capture facilities, you might have spotted the landing I made in Elite: Dangerous in a previous post. I was just kind of proud of it and it was a really short clip. So I thought about a slightly longer clip. So I have a clip that’s about 3 mins long so from the Xbox I upload to the Cloud then from the cloud to my PC in total about 60 mins. I then edit clip down to 2:27 and upload it to YouTube which takes a little over 30 minutes. I’m not sure if I can be bothered to do any more of that messing around.

Well it does seem a lot of effort for a very short clip.

See you on the other side…


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