Star Trek Online 6th Anniversary.

Well its coming towards the end of the Star Trek Online 6 year anniversary special, tomorrow I will collect my Krenim Science Vessel. Its an R and D weekend good time to upgrade your modules and by using Omega particles increase you chance of the item going up in rarity! There is a 15% bonus ZEN sale between the 11th and 15th February. On top of that there is a 20% Ship sale which also includes dry dock slots, fleet modules and ship upgrade tokens but not the new T6 Flagship vessels. Also ARC is running a Valentines comp as well. Honestly I really think they want you to log in this weekend to play STO.


You will be a fleet ship soon™

I WILL be resisting buying anything, I have a handful of T6 ships as of tomorrow there will be 3 I have not played with yet. I DO want a Fleet ship module to upgrade my Jupiter but that can wait to another time. Resistance will not be futile!!


If you have been collecting these particles over the last week and a bit to earn yourself a new T6 ship a last push over Saturday could get you 1 omega molecule to improve the chance of improving the rarity of an item. I’m hoping that I get enough omega traces to get myself a second Omega particle to get my shield to at least mark XIV. The great thing about omega particles is it costs no dilithium to do these upgrades unlike the more common tech upgrades that costs hundreds to thousands of dilithium.

Krenim Science Vessel.

No idea how this will play but visually I like its looks!

Well with ARC really wanting us to play STO this weekend I hope you all get round to logging in. I might get round to completing the iconian story arc or I might start working on upgrading my ground gear.

See you on the other side…


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