Plague, Death or something like that!

I’ve mentioned that I’m not able to work at the moment which gets me down, but I write this blog as and when I’m able to. Well 2 weeks ago I got the Plague!! As per usual people stereotyped it as ‘Man Flu’ My mate spent a full week sending me texts about painkillers, and remedies for period pains, he is a witty jester. It wasn’t until I mentioned that I was too ill to play on my xbox that  he asked if I was okay and did I need anything from town! I was bed ridden for 3 days, walking dead for a further 2 days and spent a week recovering. While I was getting better I did try to engage in some gaming but could not concentrate for long enough to be bothered than just shooting ghouls for about 10 mins on fallout! On Sunday was my first day that I felt well enough to have a proper gaming session! I got 24 hr Gold membership from WoT on their monthly mission and had a blast finishing leveling up the Carnarvon which I throughly enjoyed! I’ve now upgraded to the Conqueror which i’m having just as much fun with I’ve kept my win percentage at just over 60% while using the 20 pounder type ‘b’ barrel and I’m 30k xp short of unlocking the first real heavy tank gun that the British line  uses the 120mm L7A1. I am looking forward to this upgrade just like on the Centurion moving from the 20 pdr to the 105mm it will change the tank. The Conqueror plays like a slower Carnarvon so if you have mastered one you have mastered the other.

Hopefully over the next week I can get a few more non  rambling posts up on here.

A Link to something I got finished just before the plague hit me!

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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