I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

I was born in 1976, but I don’t connect with the 70’s where as the 80’s now that means something to me the music, TV shows and the films. The majority of the time when someone re-visits something from the 80’s they mess it up but not always! I think Marilyn Manson’s version of Tainted Love is better than the original but then I could reel off a whole host of rubbish for example the remake of the Italian Job. Messing with a known franchise is a dangerous business, there can be a nasty backlash for messing with a known IP.

Glen A. Larson’s Battlestar Galactica, yes I know it was made in the 70’s but for me seen as I watched in the 80’s it sticks with me from that time period. Even though I was young I was already a fan of Capt James T. Kirk, Spock, Bones and Scott. I quickly came to love Battlestar as well I loved the view of the massive fleet hanging in space fleeing from the evil robotic enemies. It was a western sent in space a mass wagon train traveling through the stars instead of the plains of north america. The opening sequence and voice over was just as moving as Star Treks’ as well. I had very mixed feelings when I heard about the reboot. It wasn’t helped by the fact that my favourite viper pilot Lt. Starbuck played by Dirk Benedict was going to become a woman!!! I admit that my trepidation for the reboot of Battlestar was unfounded and Lt Starbuck remained my favourite viper pilot. I will say that Lt. Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace was a female character done well. Dirk Benedict’s Starbuck was a rogue but more a diamond in the rough compared to Apollo’s shiney white knight. Where as Kara Thrace was a hard hitting, hard drinking, gambling cowboy with a resentment of authority. At one point Kara punches Commander Tigh in the nose and ends up in the Brig but from this weak explanation it just looks like they have made a woman play a normally mans ‘role.’ The Kara character did develop and was more than just eye candy, we learned that she was an avid artist before war broke out not something you would have guessed from her vinegar and piss attitude towards her superiors and her subordinates. Kara was complicated she loved, she hated she showed unwavering Loyalty to the fleet, she had a self destructive streak. For me she was a female character done right.

So roll the timeline forward, I heard that they where making a new Ghostbusters film. The first film in my opinion is a classic, the music was right, the story funny and I loved the spin-off cartoon series, oh and I loved the spectrum computer game as well. Looking back to your childhood nearly always involves rose-tinted glasses well not when you talk about Ghostbusters 2. But Ghostbusters has so many iconic hooks that are in pop culture I would say many people know that you never cross the streams of a proton pack. The answer to the question “Who you gonna call?” only has one correct answer and if you don’t know we might not be able to be friends. When I found out that is was going to be a crew of female ghostbusters I was a little upset, mainly because of the feminist rhetoric that accompanied the announcement. Yesterday I summoned the courage to go and watch the trailer for the new movie… Oh dear Sony I believe you f*$ked up. I have been wrong recently I didn’t go and see ‘The Revenant’ at the cinema I regret that decision, I saw the trailer for the film and just didn’t see it as something I wanted to watch. The Ghostbusters trailer for me is just flat and crass unless the editor of the trailer is showing all the ‘naff’ bits on the first trailer and its all a superb marketing strategy to build up steam before the next trailer is released. Do I believe that… Nope! After watching the trailer I’m not sold on the spending of £10 to go and watch it in the cinema. Nothing I saw hooked me and made me excited about the film, unlike the excellent trailers for Batman vs Superman (Now that is a film I’m excited about as well as Suicide Squad.)

Ghostbusters 3 had been shown to be this ‘Girl Power’ movie and Feminist’s where all excited about how progressive the movie was and all the Politically Correct (Social Justice Warriors) where ‘super excited’ about an all women cast. Unfortunately this marketing hype seems to have back fired at the moment. The reason been is that the crew of the ghostbusters follows the original script 3 white scientists and one street smart black dude. So now we have 3 white scientists and one street smart black chick. The problem is the street smart plays to a stereotype with all that “sass.” I’m expecting the word ‘girlfriend’ to be in the script and at least a finger snap and a chicken head rotate. The SJW’s don’t like the racial stereotype about the car been a Cadillac either. So Sony seemed to aim Ghostbusters at the progressive/regressive left the third wave feminists (you know the type that paints with their period blood etc) the #blacklivesmatter cult and the run of the mill tumbler Social Justice whiners. The problem is these people have to have the humour removed to fit their ideologies (don’t look up feminist humour or poetry!). They very rarely create anything (nope blood paintings don’t count and bread made from vaginal yeast doesn’t either, not in my world!) they can only destroy they only want to operate once they have worked out their level of supposed oppression. There is a pecking order, if you don’t follow the script of what they deem to be socially acceptable you get cast out. So Sony made a film hoping to get the support of the ‘feminist’ audience but has made a misstep and has been derided by exactly the people who the film is aimed at. I feel sorry for Sony just a little bit, if you go and watch the original trailer you will notice that there is nearly twice as many dislikes to likes. At the time of writing 17.5 million views with 151 000 likes and 294 000 dislikes. But the saying goes that there is no such thing as bad publicity, only time will tell.

See you on the other side…


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