STO :Season Eleven and a half.

The mid-season patch has arrived in Star Trek Online, which has brought a new skill system to STO. At present I have only used the skill system on my main character so my views on it are only based on my Lvl 60 Engineer character re-roll. It is a more stream lined system and a lot easier to grasp, but I feel I have lost flexibility with my character.

Skillz 2 pay da Billz.

My level 60 character has been flying the Jupiter class carrier for a while now and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. I have enjoyed it so much I upgraded to the fleet version! My skills where not perfect for flying a science ship but good enough for it to be a viable alternative to just flying engineer cruisers. I was also looking forward to flying my  T6 escort that I had acquired. Seeing how the play style alters with different ship types while still keeping the engineers tanking abilities. I don’t have any raw numbers and it’s just based on my feelings. An update like this was always going to cause problems for players as it alters builds. I might just have to re-roll my Klingon Science officer as a federation science officer at some point! I will keep my Romulan tactical officer and just have another tactical officer this time a federation one. I feel that the new skill system slightly removes the ability to fly different classes of ship versus you character. While flying my T6 cruiser my character is more useful than when my character is flying a T6 Fleet science vessel, which I assume is working as intended.

Missionz for dayz da.

The new mission released with this patch…. hmm. Feels to me like a smaller version of the last mission in the arc I just played. Same plot, different location and different baddies. Not the finest piece of work but some nice rewards. I’m after the 3 piece ground set because I’m still using the Romulan ground set… I prefer space battles to away team missions. I just never got round to upgrading my ground equipment all my dilthium has been directed to space equipment!

Admiral ‘It’s a Trap’

The Romulans now have their own gubbins in the admiral system, it has its own flavour which is based around R+D and earning resources on the way there. It works just like all the other admiral systems so nothing greatly added to the game. So actually no trap here sorry!

So for me the 11.5 update is a mixed bag, interesting but I need to explore more. Which is where STO is lacking, no exploring just maximum warp and damn the torpedo’s.

See you on the other side…


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