Logitech G300s

Review: I bought this mouse from Maplins’ for £31.99 this review is not sponsored and is all my own views from my own use.

So why did I buy this mouse.

I am right-handed, but due to sports injuries I find long-term use of a mouse in my right arm painful. I’m lucky enough to be a sports coach so I am used to using my left hand so I found picking up the use of a mouse in my left hand extremely easy. Now I will never be able to play a FPS as well in my left hand but I can play RTS just fine. The really cheap mice are generally ambidextrous, but I decided I needed something better than those £1 specials! I could have gone more expensive but I’m living on a budget.

The Logitech G300s.


Nice inverted blue swish, a mixture of shiny and matt black plastic and soft molded side finger grips. I am using the mouse on a Roccat Taito mouse pad.

This combination gives it a lovely smooth glide around, ive used it without the mouse pad it feels a bit meh! Once you have used a decent mouse mat you never want to not use one. Maybe cause I often just used magazines or pads of paper. As my machine is a little ancient I have not used the logitech software and am just using this as a standard USB mouse. If you use the software you can program the 9 mice buttons and set up 3 user profiles, which is not something i have done. Even when I used a Roccatt Kone+ i never used the software past playing with changing the LED colours.

Out of the box you have a scroll wheel, left and right buttons, forward and backward buttons are on the left side of the mouse next to the left mouse button. The right hand buttons next to the right button are unused as well as the two buttons above the scroll wheel.

So I use this mouse left handed for general internet use and playing games like Kerbal Space Program, Asherons’ Call, Mount and Blade, Tropico 3 and Star Trek Online. Occasionally I use it right-handed in Half-Life and Firefall.


The last mouse I used left-handed was the Roccatt Kone+ which I bought for £50 so I am comparing it to a more expensive product, but I feel happy to recommend this mouse to both righties and lefties equally. It is a usable shape for both palm and claw grips, slightly favouring palm grips in my opinion. The mouse glides well and is very well weighted neither feeling to heavy or to light, It’s easy to push around even if with just your finger tips, but heavy enough for a twisted wire not to force the mouse around if you remove contact.

At the price point that this mouse sits in it gives a great response and good feel. It does not have the customability of a more exspensive mouse. You can customize some areas but not to the level of say the kone but do you need the extra customability of changing the weight of your mouse. It would be a great mouse for a shared computer if one person is left handed and the other right.

See you on the other side…


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