The Centurion 7/1, Conqueror and FV 215b

FV profile

On the Xbox One, is running an accelerated xp earner event on the British Heavy tank line working up to the Tier X FV 215b as well as German artillery event (but the less said about that the better!) I’ve been working up this line for some time and had less than 20 000xp left to unlock the Tier X tank. But also with this promotion the silver cost of the upper tier tanks is also reduced by 30% so it made sense to actually buy my first tier X tank. I’ve been able to buy the Tier X medium British tank the FV 4202 for ages but have never actually got round to purchasing. I love the Centurion 7/1 with the 105mm gun it suits my play style. The whole of the British medium tank line from the Cromwell up to the Centurion 7/1 I enjoyed playing, I regretted selling the Cromwell but I bought the Knight to replace it, which is my favourite tank to play, I have it set up as a fast flanking medium scout I often hear ‘Die Walkure’ playing in my head as I ride into battle. The only tank I have not really played after progressing is the Centurion I, because it is so similar to the 7/1 with the 7/1 doing everything slightly better. In the heavy line it felt like work progressing through the Churchill’s until I got to the Caernavon which I fell in love with and had some great matches in, because it plays like a slower Centurion I. I sold the Caernavon to fund the Conqueror, which I really like.

FV angled

The Conqueror is the first tank in the British heavy line that gets a heavy tank gun the 120mm finally gives you some punch. Up until you earn this weapon, neither heavy or many medium tanks will respect you! They know that they can absorb the low alpha damage that you deal and charge you down relying on there armour to bounce shots on the move because of your inability to snipe at weak spots on moving targets at point blank range. But even with the improved main gun, the Conqueror still suffers. It is not a front line tank. It gets overmatched at close range by both the German and Russian heavy tank lines. The Centurion 7/1 uses APCR (Armour Piercing Composite Rigid) ammunition; this has great penetration and projectile velocity. Giving the Centurion almost the same punch as the Conqueror, the average damage is about 10 points less for the Centurion. Unless you play the British tank line, many players just assume that it’s Tier IX Heavy it must be on the front line. The Conqueror has prominent and obvious weak spots that can be exploited at close and medium ranges, by lower tier tanks and the angled upper plate is easily penetrated at close range by tanks of the same tier. If you come face to face with the German heavy E 75 or even the medium E 50 the thickness of there armour can pose serious problems close up. To be effective the British Tier IX needs to have a shield of some sort, be that other tanks or terrain.

The FV 215b is a shock to the system, it’s has a rear mounted turret which calls for a new play-style. It comes loaded with the same 120mm main gun but gets a DPM and accuracy buff. The side armour on both the British upper tier heavy and medium tanks is extremely poor; you almost have to be careful driving through bushes in case a stray branch pokes through your side skirt. Then with FV you get just over 100mm of side armour which opens up a new style of play. By exposing a highly angled (over 70 degree’s) side plate you can hopefully bounce incoming fire, while hiding the very weak front plate behind some solid cover. The Conqueror and Centurions make excellent ridge line fighters covering their lower plate and angling the weaker top turret and cupola’s. The range finder/optics and commanders cupola are still a major weakness at close range even when angled. The FV has an average amount of gun depression but as the turret is set at the back, more of the tank has to be exposed putting, giving the enemy a lot more tank to shoot at. The fuel tanks are at the front of the tank so has a higher chance of fire, taking shots through this area. The FV is the first in line that makes a great corner fighter with its great DPM you can get in 2 shots to many other heavies one shot, which works because of the great aim time on the gun. This is a completely new play-style for me other than the British tanks, I have dabbled with some American Tank Destroyers getting as far as the Hellcat (which I really enjoy and am keeping it, it is ear-marked for some camo!) In the Russian line I’m getting closer to unlocking my first Heavy the KV-1. In the German tree I’m working towards the Tiger (P) so I have not got used to the normal play-style of the more standard heavies. Though this weekend I came across a number of Russian players in KV-2’s being snipers hiding behind the TD’s or even Artillery (is that a thing!!!!)

My first game in the FV was a bust; I have mentioned that there is also an artillery event running at the same time… So I rolled up to a corner, side scrapped out and put a round through the lower plate of a Maus and scooted back into what I thought was cover, only to find out that arty where not in there usual place and the first round blew my tracks off the following 3 rounds in the space of 5 seconds removed me from the game. Four pre-aimed artillery pieces, I was not happy, the only bonus was that my team didn’t win so I still had my x2 bonus to use. My win rate for the FV is only 40% at the moment which annoys me no end! This is partly me on my learning curve of where I need to park my tank to make use of the strengths and mitigate my weaknesses. In the Conqueror and Centurion I feel I can be a dominant force, I have not got this feeling yet for the FV. I have had a few great matches; my favourite was when I punished an E-75 for deciding to go toe-to-toe with me. The E-75 is tier IX and is a very tough nut to crack with its great armour and at close range its great gun. E-75’s have given me a good spanking many times when I’ve ended up toe-to-toe in my Conqueror, very nice getting a little revenge. The main reason I have only just bought a tier X tank is cost, there is nothing worse than watching tanks on your team throw themselves in front of the enemy just to die and you end up overwhelmed and un-supported looking at a deficit in your earnings for the match. This can happen in lower tiers as well, but gets expensive at tier X. With repair costs and ammo costs soon adding up, if you end up only able to shoot at a super-heavy tank from the front and are bouncing a lot of shots those shells are not cheap, also now at tier X there is no bonus for shooting higher tier tanks! Hopefully just need a lot more practice.

See you on the other side…


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