Cloak of Anonymity

A lot of  my blog posts are written in the Waterstones Cafe, it’s most conductive for me to actually get stuff on the screen, it’s also a place where I plan my articles using the old pen and paper. I’m under no illusions about the quality of this blog, I’m not a writer, the written form is not my prefered way to communicate. But I do this for fun both my guides and my general chat about whats interests me.

The other day all the normal staff at this Waterstones where away on a course and had been replaced by staff from another store. The usual staff are friendly, greet you with a smile and make you welcome. The replacements where a grumpy lot, if I want grumpy I look at the bathroom mirror in the morning! If the first time I had visited the Waterstones Cafe and had the replacements serving I wouldn’t have visited again, I’d have moved on and found a nice environment to work in. As I use Social media (duh!) I decided to send a tongue in cheek message to the Waterstones Twitter account.

“Normally greeted with a smile at even from my first visit. Please return all happy smiling staff to the store. Thank you.”

From this short message one of the barista’s manged to deduce that it was me that had sent the tweet! So A+ for detective work! Though I’m aware of many of the barista’s names I have not got round to really introducing myself and not been another nameless customer, but most of the regular barista’s know my order and just go ‘Usual.” So why this post? Well, Even though my mate knows I write a blog and put the occasional video up on Youtube and he also know how big a computer and science nerd I am, he has never read or seen one of my video’s. Why is this a problem, this Blog has been/is my guilty pleasure something I do for a little self-actulisation (Shout out to Maslow for that!) Everything else I do I put my big ugly mug in the picture. So if I comment on Youtube video’s it’s with my real name and picture of me, So normally all views are not just mine they can be tracked to a real person and are not done anonymously. Where as ‘tothebreach’ and ‘Utah Santiago’ are my alter ego’s and are anonymous. There is nothing I would say on this account that I wouldn’t express from my ‘real’ account! But I feel that I can easily express myself because I speak from the shadow with this account. I very much doubt that any of the barista’s will have read my blog, but I feel that I’ve lost a little of my armour.Basically I’m mourning my loss of anonymity, even if its only to a few people…

It has played on my mind a little over the last few days and I don’t understand why. I also am doing a rubbish job of expressing myself on here. Which I can understand I don’t express emotions very well even verbally. So its like a whole new world trying to write about them. Maybe I should stick to writing about Games and leave deeper stuff to greater minds.

Talking of writing I have another 2 blogs about online abuse and I’m toying on writing a series related to my love of Astro-Phyics and my love for Elite:Dangerous. When I was 18 i got a place at university to study astro-physics but my parents vetoed that choice, if it had been chemistry it would have been fine but not that subject. I’m not sure how it’s going to manifest itself either a written blog or a youtube series. I’m enjoying doing voice overs for the few video’s I’ve done and am enjoying learning to use blender. But that will mean tearing myself away from E:D Horizons which is proving “tres difficile!” I Put a video on youtube of me landing on a planet in E:D when the XBox records footage it reduces the resolution down from 1080p to 720p and unfortunately the HUD UI elements don’t scale well and reduces the visuals. I’m also trying to earn myself the free tier VIII Russian Medium ‘Hero’ Tank. I started the grind off with one tier III, IV and V, I now have two tier V tanks the KV 1 and the KV 1S the Russian Heavies, so I’m learning how to play real heavies and deal with inaccurate guns, though I really did enjoy using the 122mm howitzer for a few matches. There is something satisfy about deleting someone from the game in one shot!!!

See you on the other side…

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