Online Abuse (IV) Twitter.

 Welcome to my fourth article concerning online abuse. My other Articles can be found here:-

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Recently a study was brought up in the media about research done in the UK by Demos about online abuse over Twitter. This research was conducted in 2014 and had 2 main parts. The first was looking for the use of ‘Rape’ in an abusive context; the second was the use of the words ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ in an abusive context. The research was used Twitter’s API to mine the information needed, Twitter is reasonable at sharing it’s data. If you go to the Science museum in London they have a wall that broadcast’s a live feed of tweets as they occur.

‘Rape’ Analysis.

The first study was conducted between the 26th December 2013 and the 9th February 2014. In this period 2 725 097 total tweets where recorded containing the word rape of these 138662 where sent from the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.) A natural language processor was then used to identify the context of the word and then a sample of tweets was sampled by researchers. Media related use of the word rape was 27360 of ongoing trial etc. Leaving about 80 000 conversational use’s of the word. A sample of 800 was taken and analysis giving the following results.

News 40%

Casual/metaphor 29%

Threat 12%

Other 27%

The astute will realise that the adding up to more than 100%, I will assume that some tweets where logged in multiple categories. So if 12% of the use of the word ‘rape’ was used in a sample of 800 by extrapolation that gives 1319 abusive/threatening tweets.

‘Slut’ and ‘Whore’ Analysis.

The second study was conducted between the 9th January 2014 and 4th February and also used natural language processing. Just over 6 million tweets where found to contain the one of the two words in this period with 108 409 originating from the UK. After filtering 18% where deemed to be misogynistic. When they broke down the abuse senders gender they determined that 50% where female, 40% male and 10% unknown. Looking at total usage of twitter approximately 53% of users are female.

Media and feedback.

According to the narrative extolled by the British labour party #reclaimtheinternet and general feminist media, It is men that send abusive tweets at women because we live in a patriarchal society where woman are subservient to men and men have many un-earned privileges and advantages. Infamous misandrist and feminist Clementine Ford of Australia, well known for receiving and sending abusive tweets, “All men are scum and must die.” And “Kill all men” among her more famous tweets, she also runs a show called the “Misandrist Hour.” She is not going to have a biased opinion on this research at all!! She claims that a large proportion of the so called ‘female’ accounts are actually sock puppet accounts run by men and that the remaining women are indoctrinated by the patriarchy to attack each other and bring each other down. Now Clemtine Ford might be right some people might be playing at a different gender on twitter but this can work both ways round and the research has put any ambiguous cases in the other bracket. Other research Just as a side note research on the way that abuse effects men and woman has shown that men generally shrug off abuse easily and it has little effect where as women are more likely to be more offended by abuse. This could be societal norms where men are measured by what we do and accomplish and women are far more hierarchal and pecking order/beauty is important. Even from a young age men/boys might be quick to anger but once the matter has been settled for example with fists etc we can sweep the incident under the carpet and get on with other stuff. I could get into a fight at first break and be playing football with the same guy at lunch break. Where as women stew and the resentment builds up over time, but also can last along time. In my block an engaged lesbian couple have just split up and it’s like World War III each side is pulling in allies, people are swapping sides, there is a lot of screaming, shouting both inside and outside the building. The woman are not arguing with each other but using people within the building drawing allies to them and undermining enemies. It’s far more political. One of them tried to draw me in to the conflict…. No thanks!

So the study is UK based only and is only looking at three words but seems to show that it’s not juts men sending hate at women but equally women sending woman hate. Labour politician that proudly claims to be a feminist complained to the BBC about 5000 hate tweets after she was targeted with many ‘i wouldn’t even rape you’ comments. This politician is forcing a campaign of #reclaimtheinternet, for her ideology of feminism. She is a public figure and it’s not just women that recieve the hate but men as well just look at the orangutang running for PotUS (Bill Maher fans will get that). Both genders appear to send ‘hate’ speech so claims that it’s all men and speech needs to curtailed is wrong. Freedom of speech gives everyone the right to challenge any ideology from climate to culture, race to religion. The states that silence their people are not generally seen as the most virtous I give you the former Soviet Union, China and North Korea as examples.

 The internet is dark and full of trolls.

See you on the other side…


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