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USS Iron Duke

I’ve just hit level 50 with my Agents of Yesterday character in Star Trek Online. Why is this important? It’s where the end game content starts in STO starting off with been able to fly end-game ships in the form … Continue reading

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Time for some Trekkin’

Over the last few days I’ve been putting some time into Star Trek Online, with the release of Agents of Yesterday. Until last night I thought the temporal agent bonus could only be earnt while the promotion was running, but … Continue reading

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The (AMD) story continues…

Well since my last tech post a number of interesting things have occurred within the graphics card tech industry. AMD have released their RX480 both the 4gb and 8gb version with a little controversy¬†about power draw through the PCI slot. … Continue reading

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French Tier VIII AMX Cdc: Earnt!!!

I earn’t the AMX Cdc the final push happened this morning using the last of my day’s premium, I cut it very fine, the daily double with just 3 mins left. I was getting worried had a few matches in … Continue reading

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Broadband a go-go!

I got broadband installed yesterday in my flat. I can’t deny that I was pretty excited about getting this hooked up. Just after mid-night I could get 2.5 mps with my mobile tether, mid-night was when something was reset and … Continue reading

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AT 8

I’ve not been playing my British TD’s for a while, concentrating on the Americans and a little on the Russians while trying to earn the ‘Motherland.’ But i unlocked a days premium so i was using as much of the … Continue reading

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I’m not saying it’s Aliens… #Thargoids

The player faction cannon research have deciphered¬†a signal that indicates that we are not alone. Which is supper exciting for all us Elite:Dangerous players. So hopefully soon we will find out if there nice ET style aliens or more like … Continue reading

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