Summer gaming.

Summer is here, which means its raining in the UK, Star Trek Online has its Risa summer event and when it’s not raining I suffer from hay-fever. The last few posts have been of a more technical nature this one will focus more on gaming and whats happening within some of the games I play!

Star Trekkin’

During the Risa event this year you get to earn yourself a Vorgon Xyfius Heavy Escort, Even if you have not started yet there is still time to earn this ship! To earn the vouchers for this you use a jet-pack and follow a course in the air. It is more enjoyable than the winter race course and probably easier. The last few T6 ships that ARC has given away have been engineering and science ships so an escort ship will be useful for tactical captains and also for other professions who need that extra oomph in their admiralty card deck. I’m finding that I could use a few tier 3/4 science ships for my level 60 character to help give me a better spread of ships. Maybe something to spend some Dil on but I seem to need more of that stuff for upgrading everything on my ships.

On the 6th July the expansion ‘Agents of Yesterday’ is released. Which allows you to return to the original series era ships bringing timelines and universes together, jumping through time to save the federation against annihilation. It could mean that I re-roll my federation tactical captain and play through this, eventually working up to using the T6 Escort Valiant that is so far unused.

Elite Dangerous

Elite now has Xbox and PC sync-ed on patch releases and the universe is tied together even if Xbox can’t see PC players and vice-versa. Updates have been released to fix some minor and not so minor bugs and the initial rumblings of a 2.2 patch have started. Nothing solid yet but many players are speculating, which is always fun!

The jump capable Space station Jaques that was ‘lost’ on its jump out to Beagle Point has been found by an Xbox player. Once the information was released both PC and Xbox players have jumped out to find out whats going on. The station has turned up in a rather beautiful nebula with a good availability of resources in system, numerous gas giants and a high metal content world. At present none of the stations services are usable but as the station is only 22 000 Light years from earth I’m sure it wont be long until its repaired!

Elite also had a sale on ship skins, I already a had my Cobra MKIII bobble-head for my Asp dash. I bought ship skins for my Cobra Mk III, Asp and looking into the future bought some Python and Anaconda skins. If they did bumper stickers “My other starship is a Cobra MK III” I’d buy one!

World of Tanks

After the Motherland hero release and the rush to earn the tank, the player base has settled down again and you won’t see 7+ Motherland in each game. I’ve had a few more games in it, im just struggling with the lack of skills on the crew at the moment. I’ve no sixth sense which is always a pain, normally by the time you get to tier 5/6 you  can get yourself a crew with at least that one skill and be working on another.

With the latest patch Dragon Ridge has been updated and has the vertical heights on the map reduced. I like the map but it was always frustrating in a slow tank or a tank with low horse power/tonne ratio. I have not been lucky enough to get this in my rotation yet so will talk about it in another blog. One thing I’ve been meaning to do on this blog was talk about the rain  visual effects. But wargaming have now added more weather effects, a blizzard on Erlenburg which includes the river that is frozen over and a sand storm on steppes. So maybe lump them all together and talk about them in a future post.

Wargaming has also added some new French tanks into the mix. I admit I gave up on French tanks after my dislike of the AMX 40 ‘Duck Tank.’ But before I finished with that tank I did get the ELC bis unlocked so if I return I get something hopefully more fun to play with. I also think that the BC 25t tier 10 medium tank would gel well with my enjoyment of scouting. It would be a new play style because my experience of auto-loaders is low tier or the Luchs. One tank that hasn’t been released on the console yet is the AMX CDC which is a very popular tank on the PC version and the loading screen does have a CDC on it…intriguing!

Xbox Gold!

The 360 game available to download this month on Gold is the, for me classic Rainbow Six: Las Vegas 2. Over the last few months my spare space on the HD for the Xbox has been slowly been eaten into by updates and patches. So it looks like another thing on the list of things moving from the ‘I would like’ list to the ‘It would be really useful’ list is an external HD. The X Box One game on gold is the Banner Saga which im interested in. Need moar space!

See you on the other side…


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