WoT: Console AMX CDC

From the 15th July there is the opportunity to earn the french premium medium tank the AMX Chasseur de chars. Between the 15th July 2016 and 29th July 2016 you need to earn over 270000 xp in French tanks. This is a BIG target it dwarfs the value needed for the T-54 mod 1 “Motherland.” I even mentioned in yesterdays post about the lack of AMX CDC tank available in the tech tree.

The break down of the is as follows.

45k xp 15-29th July Reward : a small repair and first aid kit

90k xp 18-29th July Reward : 1 Day premium, three (x2) boosts

135k xp 22-29th July Reward : AMX CDC, 1 garage slot

Those are some big numbers of xp to earn even if you have premium time and upper tier French tanks.I have neither, yesterday I bought the AMX ELC bis so I can start getting into the position where I can take a run at the challenge!

The AMC CDC is well worth the push to acquire as it’s a premium tank that is a great silver earner and crew trainer. It will greatly benefit anybody who is interested in earning the tier X french medium the ‘bat chat.’ The thing about these pushes to earn as much XP as possible you rush your advancement to higher tiers to improve your XP earning potential. I generally as I max out a tier V tank I will continue playing with it till I’ve got my first skill and changed it to sixth sense. Which is easily the most important skill you can acquire no matter what tank you play. I’m hoping that I can get my ELC into this position over the next 2 weeks. I also have 2 free garage slots to use as well, I will utilise these to maximise my earning potential. As I have not really bothered with french tanks up till now, I’m going to have to do some research on which lines to progress through. I know the french heavies are not known for their armour but that’s lucky as I am used to playing British tanks that seem to lack in armour till you get to tier X. I will probably pick up a French Tank Destroyer as who doesn’t like playing a sniper! If I sell my Centurion I which I never play, I could pick up artillery. I have the British SPG the Bishop but very rarely play it so getting some experience playing arty could be useful “To defeat the enemy you must know the enemy!”

Something to also note is that from the 15th July a group of Hero tanks are for sale the Cromwell Knight, FCM 50 t Liberte and the T26E4 Freedom. The Liberte and Freedom are both tier VIII premium tanks and the Cromwell Knight is tier VI these tanks are available at about 50% off. So an option would be to buy the FCM at 50% off and use that to work towards the AMX CDC therefore earning 2 premium tanks for the price of half of one tier VIII tank! I can highly recommend the Knight as I do have 1.2 million xp earned in this tank! Which is about a third of all the XP I’ve earned in the game! Well enough tapping away on my laptop, looks like I need to prepare for the AMX CDC challenge.

See you on the other side…


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