Summer Gaming, something’s begun…

Well summer 2016 is looking good for gaming, in the games that I play. It might need a bit of time management to complete all my targets! Cause there’s no point in spending money on games then not taking advantage of free stuff! Lets look at what I’m working on right now.

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday.

The Risa Summer event is coming to an end soon and I’m getting close to earning the free T6 Tactical ship ready for my Tactical captains. But STO is hitting with the double whammy of releasing Agents of Yesterday, getting to wander around missions designed around the original series is so COOL. You get to meet the crew Scotty is voiced by the orginal actor’s son and you get to meet Chekov and if you watching you get to see Uhru Commanding the Enterprise. One of the freebies is not yet available is the Kelvin Timeline admirals dress, which is unlockable after the 21st July for a few weeks. When Agents of Yesterday went live I noticed they gave a free character slot  so I restarted as a tactical officer, I have one but only at like level 7 so im going to scrub that character and eventually make him a science captain in the  federation so I can use my science carrier to its maximum effectiveness. I will be pushing to get my new Tac captain through a few missions over the next few days to take advantage of the XP bonus available at the moment. The more of the story arc’s you complete the more unlocks you acquire. Will have to see which unlocks I want most and aim for these over the next few weeks. I really am starting to run out of slots for starships as well…

World of Tanks

Well today the 15th July the AMX CDC became available to purchase and also the operation to earn the tank started. The first operation is a fairly low 45k xp earnable in any tank which makes it so much easier for myself as I only have 2 French tanks the AMX ALC bis and a Tank destroyer. Wargaming changed the need to use only French tanks because the french line has only just been released on the PS4 and so would seem unfair for them, Which is good news for me, Tank you PS4! The amount of xp needed to acquire does still seem daunting and the push for the ‘Motherland’ cost me about 8 million credits all told which included buying tanks and getting them kited out with Camo net, bino’s and tool box which are all removable for free so it’s not lost money but my balance has shrunk. I also bought permanent modules for the Motherland as well. So I’m really glad I don’t have to push through lots of tanks to get into a position to earn the CdC, I’m getting tempted to buy the British Tier X medium because I love the Centurion 7/1 so why not get that last tank in the line!


E:D is really going to be the main thing that hampers my earning of the freebies because I’m addicted to this game! No freebies in this game… But materials in E:D are like Pokemon to mid 20’s adults at the moment, gotta catch ’em all. I’ve slightly pimped my AspX with grade I upgrades, but my rolls where terrible but you get to do them to earn the better upgrades. After another mini exploration trip I can now have grade III upgrades, but don’t have the materials, typical. With the slow ongoing background story and in-game story, it looks like the cold-war between the Federation and Imperials could take a step in a warmer direction with warships from both sides ‘guarding’ barnacles. Signals have also been intercepted from an NPC about been attacked by a ‘Alien Ship.’ I’m not saying it’s Thargoids… If it comes to a shooting war, I will be siding with the Federation, if it really comes to a shooting war I will ally myself with my Imperial Brothers and hold the line against any species bent on destroying humanity. Only humanity should be allowed to destroy itself. At the moment I only have a short-range fighter, a Vulture. So if it all kicks off big time, I wont be getting involved. Will have to see if any of the ships I can afford and have the clearance to buy will make a good fighter.

See you on the other side…


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