I’m not saying it’s Aliens… #Thargoids

The player faction cannon research have deciphered a signal that indicates that we are not alone. Which is supper exciting for all us Elite:Dangerous players. So hopefully soon we will find out if there nice ET style aliens or more like the Warlike Kilrathi I think we all know what the player base will prefer!


But of more immediate concern is the escalation of chest thumping between the Imperials and the Feds. With Battlecruisers been dispatched by both sides.  So on the forums some people are getting ready for war and some are more bothered about winter’s coming Thargoids Unknown Aliens. I do feel that when the aliens come to kick our ass, I’m going to need a bigger and better combat ship, My best combat ship at the moment is the Vulture but hopefully knowing at the speed at which Frontier let the story play through I will have plenty of time to get myself into a Python!

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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One Response to I’m not saying it’s Aliens… #Thargoids

  1. Love it, Thargoids were the scariest and most fun element of Elite, nearly unstoppable though managed to wipe one out with an Anaconda back in Elite on C=64 days.

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