AT 8

I’ve not been playing my British TD’s for a while, concentrating on the Americans and a little on the Russians while trying to earn the ‘Motherland.’ But i unlocked a days premium so i was using as much of the x2 bonus on all of my less well played tanks. I had a good game in my AT 2, moved onto the AT 8. I had a great game in this TD, it was an assault game( I really like assault mode) i was an attacker and played the TD very aggressively. Not as aggressive as a an AT2 on my team, I was about 20-30 metres behind him just far enough not to be spotted all the time. As the AT-2 spotted the enemy I blatted them. Tue_Jul_19_19-20-22_UTC%2B0100_2016

Not good enough to earn my mastery which was a shame, but very happy to earn another Radley-Walters medal. If i had been spotting my own targets i would have earned more XP. But the AT-2 that was spotting deseves that xp because he was a hero, all the heavies and mediums where lurking behind me or decided to die very quickly on the far flank. At one point i had to spin 180 degrees on the spot to shut down the flanking move that had snuck around the rear of the team and was wiping out the ‘reserve’ force. Spotted under fire from artillery and with my weak rear armour pointing at the majority of the enemy team. I was just lucky didnt get shot by anything that caused me any concern. The AT-2 eventually died from the problem of a very pesky medium scout tank, it’s a shame none of our mediums actaully chased him off because that would have stopped the AT-2 from been spotted and therefore saving him. In the end I ran out of friends and ended up a 1 Vs 4, just off that magic 1 Vs 5.


The AT 2 blocked 1.5k damage. The enemy team played well, every tank at least scored some damage.

A few games earlier I had played my KV-2 on the same map, I am not loving the russian tanks, i really dont like the inaccurate guns the SU-85 is passable. but I dont enjoy the KV-2 with the derp gun. But i managed to make it work 5 Shots 5 kills so I can understand the manical glee that one shotting unsuspecing tanks can induce. The CdC earning play is going well, im on target for earning this tank. all in all a good night of tanking.

See you on the other side…


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