Broadband a go-go!

I got broadband installed yesterday in my flat. I can’t deny that I was pretty excited about getting this hooked up. Just after mid-night I could get 2.5 mps with my mobile tether, mid-night was when something was reset and when I got my fastest speeds. For the rest of the day I’d drop to between 0.5-0.25 generally with the occasional drop to 0.1 which was barely capable of playing online games. Star Trek Online could only really be played after midnight but I could hit up WoT for most of the day and Elite:Dangerous was playable all day, unless I dropped to 0.1 and then I lost my Live! connection.

When I was first connected I got 25 mps with broadband but I was told that this would increase over the next week or so. To be honest I’d have been happy with just 25 mps, that’s 10 times faster than what I’m used to. Probably fast enough for all my needs seen as I live alone. But after 8 hrs it had climbed to 50 mps. Zoom! Well at that speed I shouldn’t have to complain about any lag. Talking of lag my ping on my mobile tether was generally between 50 and 100 ms over about 100 miles, over the same distance i’m getting 14 ms. I really can now party hard…

So last night I decided to stream a little Elite:Dangerous as my test stream, getting the Xbox to broadcast, then trying to get the mic to work. I streamed for a few hours and got a few people to drop into the stream, but none of them wrote anything in chat and didn’t respond to me when I spoke… I keep checking to see if anyone was chatting to me and having to do the loop of shame. But other than that it was a productive mission running session picking up some cracked and legacy firmware. Also got some scan data I’d never got before from a T9 transport.

This morning I broadcast my WoT games, as I am working towards the AMX CdC the free tier VIII premium tank. The viewing audience is much larger for WoT but also the number of streamers is a lot higher. I didn’t get any viewers.. C’est la vie! After a few hours streaming I decided to have a break, walk into town and grab a coffee at Waterstones Cafe and write this blog.

Soooo might as well plug my twitch channel…

YouTube channel

and finally Twitter

Seen as your reading this you know about my blog posts! So Lets see if I can go onto global domination from here.

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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