French Tier VIII AMX Cdc: Earnt!!!

I earn’t the AMX Cdc the final push happened this morning using the last of my day’s premium, I cut it very fine, the daily double with just 3 mins left. I was getting worried had a few matches in the Cdc where my team just collapsed around me. But that has been the story of this weekend, the quality of the play has been atrocious. Even having a platoon on your team was no indication of some advanced play. Nope, the opposite in fact! I had a one platoon drive up to a ridge line sit on it and be removed in 30 secs, boom there went all our top-tier heavies. The whole experience had me a bit stressed really…

At the moment after just finishing I’m not sure if it was worth the grind. I play a lot of World of Tanks, it’s a game I enjoy my win rate bounces around 54% though over the last month it’s dropped to 53.5% damn you grinding some Russian tanks! I’ve never played in a platoon so I’ve earn’t that statistic purely on my own. I’m no unicum but I would say I’m above average! But I found both the push for the Motherland and the Cdc draining. Im lucky I have enough tanks that just working through my daily double got me most of the way there, replaying a handful of tanks that I enjoy and a few just to get that extra XP. For example put a few matches in the KV-2 to unlock the T-150, making the next few matches on my KV-1 an elite tank. I want to get the first skill completed before I move to the T-150, I will play a few more matches in the KV-2 to unlock the Zis-6 to save me earning it on the T-150. It’s taken me most of the way through the KV-2’s tech tree to become comfortable with the tank. I just don’t like ‘derp’ guns, when it connects it is glorious and I can understand why some people love the tank just for that spanking it can hand out. But from hatred at the start it became joy as I just became used to the complete inaccuracy of the 152mm gun.

The AMX Cdc is another special tank, the armour is almost non exsistant, at tier VIII it has 30mm that means you have the same amount as tier II/III tanks. You are and should be a magnet for HE, HEAT and HESH shells if one of those shells penetrates it’s going to ruin your day! Bouncing any incoming shells will almost be a miracle, but to balance the lack of armour it has a great gun with good penetration for a tier VIII tank with APCR as standard so it has good flight time and you don’t have to lead your shots as much. What made me feel at home was the excellent gun depression at 10 degrees, it would make a great ridge line fighter if only the turret had armour. The Cdc is also a fast tank so could make a good scout if it wasn’t so big! It is a comparable size to a heavy tank in the French line. But im used to driving big mediums in the form of the Centurion 7/1. In the 7/1 I can poke ridge lines and hope the gun mantle will bounce a few shots, can’t do that with the Cdc!


The Cdc could be used as a ridge line sniper, a scout, an ambush predator.  It works very well in a platoon, the firepower of  3 of these tanks in formidable. If you are going to use it as a ridge line sniper I would not re-appear in the same spot, the order of the day is fire and  relocate. To scout you either need to guarantee you are going to get support or have a good exit strategy other scout tanks will make short work of you at close range. As an ambusher it works really well, you can use your speed to get close, your gun has plenty of penetration to help track targets and then circle around them.  But the great thing is you can be all these at once!


I have fitted a gun rammer, gun laying drive and vents, though if you wanted to act more of a scout the vents could be swapped for coated optics or if you wanted to be a sniper bino’s would work.


Sixth sense – ALL (obviously!)

Camo. ALL

Clutch breaking – ambushing

recon – scout/sniping

situational awareness – scout/sniping

smooth  ride – ambushing

turret rotation – sniping

off-road driving – all

These will enhance your abilities and are all skills except for sixth sense so have immediate benefits. It should take you a while to earn all those as well.


So it’s a premium tank so is a great silver and xp earner which as Wargaming have given away 2 premium/Hero tanks over the last few months I can see a lot of Bat Chat and object 430 players became far more dangerous over the next few months as they get accelerated traning! It’s certanily my plan to get  both drivers ready for these tanks, though I have a long way to go before i will unlock either tank. It’s not like i’m silver poor I have 15 mill but now knowing that i have 2 good silver earners makes life more secure! By tomorrow I will have 4 days to take advantage of the Cdc operation and gain the x2 crew XP bonus. So will hopefully feel like entering back into the frey and taking advantage of this situation!

Thanks for reading.

See you on the other side…


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