Time for some Trekkin’

Over the last few days I’ve been putting some time into Star Trek Online, with the release of Agents of Yesterday. Until last night I thought the temporal agent bonus could only be earnt while the promotion was running, but that is not the case, as long as your character makes it to Earth Space Dock after the first mini-arc of missions which takes you to about level 10 out of 60, the temporal agent bonus’ can be earn in your own time! I had decided to re-start my Tactical Captain, but I’ve also rolled a new science officer because the bonus’ are amazing!

The reason I originally just chose the Tactical route was that I had a T6 Valiant that I hadn’t yet used on my main character account. I also had a Heavy Escort re-fit as well which was very nice cause it gave me a unique console early on. The major star ships in Star Trek are iconic, everyone would know what franchise a ship with a saucer and nacelles is from, or a cube, or bird of prey. If you watched DS9 you will probably want your own Defiant as well.

Agents of Yesterday (Temporal Agent)

So starting a new character, puts you into the same time-frame of the original series including uniform, sets and ships. Which is an amazing feeling, it’s just so right! With the voice of Leonard Nimoy giving background information as you travel around it just sits right with ‘meh feelz.’ I’d forgotten how much Leonard Nimoy’s voice strung so much of the game together, how when travelling through a sector he would just mention points of interest etc.

Without spoiling it too much at different points in the story line, you are whisked into another time to stop events that effect the stability of the federation. The mission arc’s have been revisited and tweaked to help integrate them with the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ you still get to visit many iconic places in Star Trek and get more back story about these locations. I want to say more, but I’m trying to not put spoilers in here. Just by playing the game, you will unlock special rewards to help your character and some of the later rewards are account wide unlocks so are useable on all your characters.

During the Temporal agents promotion there are also some community goals which unlock special bonuses, for example this week any R+D research done instead of earning you 6k research points it is earning 10k which is a nice leg up for the captain but combined with the unlocks on the R&D which gives you a one time boost of one tree to rank 10 getting you within striking distance of earning level 15 the magical number for crafting your own equipment. But you also get access to a special Research agent that gives you the ability to make the ‘Aegis space set.’ I’ve been trying to get this officer on my main for a long time, but now everyone one will have that ability. It will reduce People’s income who had the character and made these rare-ish pieces of equipment!

The promotion also seems to be a good money earner for ARC, every few seconds someone is getting a T6 ship from a lockbox. Everyone seems to be after the original series Constitution Enterprise, which means getting keys, which have to be bought with real cash! Though a Constitution class Enterprise would be very nice I will have to resist. I’ve got a handful of T6 ships to play with one each for  tactical, engineer and a science Zen store ship, plus also the free T6 ships that are generally released during the summer and winter events.

I’m really enjoying playing through the early missions again, especially with the slight tweaks that they have undergone, but everything seems familiar in a good way. My main hasn’t even finished all the story arc but that has mainly been due to my poor internet connection from a mobile tether. But now with broadband giving me 50 mps I can rock out at any time of day and fly my starships.

Agents of Yesterday is for federation players with no ability to make Romulan or Klingon characters, which due to the background available from the source material is understandable. I would like to see a version of this run in the future for  one and then the other of these races. I think these 2 Factions really need some extra love, as the Federation has enough warm gooey love all over the place. If the KDF got this amount of love next year it would be amazing, who wouldn’t want to be quoting Shakespeare in the original Klingon!

See you on the other side…


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