USS Iron Duke [Part II]

Welcome to the second part of the series taking the Tier 6 Valiant the USS Iron Duke from initial acquisition to hopefully a weapon of mass destruction. The first part of this series can be found here. So the previous post sets the scene, where I’m at and what equipment I get to start with. The best way to look at advancement is using DPS as a metric for improvement, read my post more about this in statistics.


At present the build is perfectly fine for running missions/patrols in and I’m having no problems with it what so ever. But when I’m going to be bench marking my DPS I need  to be able to reduce variables and run the same STF. The Iron Duke is not prepared for fighting the Borg that have an annoying habit of cutting straight through shields and rip your hull apart. Not very good on an escort so I went for an easier run to start with. But eventually I will be setting up my bench mark and explain what it is. As I needed some temporal marks for my main character I ran the STF Battle of Procyon to get a feel for content. This was conducted in my Rezreth Breen Dreadnought which is a lot further on in the upgrade process and is mainly full of faction/fleet modules. I choose this STF because when I was online the other STF’s where sparsely populated. On a side note managed to pick up a Plasmonic Leach for 10.7 million EC. Wow!!! Looks like I need to redo my setups to take advantage of this new toy on my main account will look at moving to an Aux2Batt from a Drake set up that I run at the moment!

When your running STF’s you get a feeling for the team as you load up, see what other people are flying. Get that sinking feeling when you see Tier IV ships. When you are in battle you quickly get a feeling for how well setup other ships in the fleet are, with how quickly enemy ships are removed from play etc. While in my Dreadnaught, myself and my team cut through the opposition like a hot knife, they didn’t last long at all. When I did the STF in the Iron Duke not so much. I got what I deserved really, I am under equipped and I was in a team that was also sub par when it came to DPS as well. I died a few times as well. I was  so busy trying to set up attack runs, I ended up in the middle of the furball which is fine for a cruiser not so good for an escort.

I failed to get a screen capture of mine and the teams DPS output, doh! The top score in the team was 7.5k I managed 3.7k. Oh dear! This was on easy as well. I will have to parse my main character in a few of  his T6 ships to get an idea of where I am in relation to my present builds. So a pretty poor showing but it’s what I expected. But the only way is up! So no more sub par runs.

The Vault to DS9


I’ve ended up on Romulus earning some marks, I’ve unlocked the first tier of reputation on all but temporal. So I now how some ground reputation bonus’. Space rep will be unlocked very soon™. At the moment as a Federation character I have a phaser setup, but this is not set in stone, I could choose any damage type, I also have a hybrid set up of cannons and beams.

So the decision to either go beams or cannons… hmm. If I go beams it means that when I work through all my T6 ships I will have the weapons. But you seriously reduce your DPS on an escort if you use beams. Mixing beams and cannons might be canon but not so good for DPS! On my main I settled on Tetryon damage because that’s what I ended up with a lot of Mk XII beams all at the same time. Yes when I first started I had a rainbow build! My beam arrays where just the highest tier I had available. So I’m looking forward to getting my main into the Xyphus Heavy Escort with its bonus to tetryon via a console! So now coming back for a reply I will choose the weapon type I want. I might even change my weapon types as I progress up through the reputation system. Though getting to tier V on all reputation except temporal should be fairly quick and painless!

 As well as the Romulan ground I have also done a bit on the Dyson ground battle, whats not to like about shooting t-rexs with lasers. So I have plenty of Dyson marks and a good quantity of Dilthium ore stored up. I also have done a little on Defera against the borg as nearly any setup has the 2 module setup, assimilated module and kinetic cutting beam. But that’s in the future back to the here and now! I’ve now got to DS9 and about to spend some time on the planet Bajor, I dont recall earning any good space modules in this mission arc, but we shall see. I could be wrong or things might have changed!

update 2.0

A fair change from my last build, I’ve dropped the Point defence module and now have all the tactical slots dedicated to Phaser damage amplifiers. I also now have mastery as well which makes scatter volley last a little longer. With that in mind i have upgraded to a full cannon build up front to take advantage of this. I picked up a very nice Withering torpedo Mk XII from a reputation box.

I’ve installed the Reman shields, you can tell by how dark the ship looks. The Reman shield is the first piece of equipment that you acquire that can alter the visuals of your ship. Giving it a very dark look, with glowing neon lights.

Reman shield

So here is the Reman shield compared to my previous shield, It’s a very close thing, the Reman has a very slight edge on capacity but the covariant has a better recharge but it’s negligible. The Reman shield won on pure looks, nope not vain in the slightest.

shield refreq

The shield refrequencer was bought with Dilthium. Though I don’t use exotic damage so wont benefit from that bonus, the increased shield capacity and the chance to increase shield healing as well. These modules will have to last a fairly long time, because it’s going to take a while before my fleet gets the ability to buy consoles. The Valiant only has one science station so at the moment I have tractor beam and science team, but I am thinking about changing the tractor beam to a hazard emitters for when ive been hit by plasma based weapons and im on fire.

This is the first partial set I’ve acquired, it involved re-running a mission but it is well worth it. The mission is interesting the first look inside a Dyson sphere and ends ups with piloting the very nice obelisk carrier. Though the omni beam array is anti-proton and at the moment I’m a phaser build this is not set in stone. For example every time I come across a tetryon weapon/module it has been equipped on my Vorgon heavy escort for future use. I will be doing the same for plasma and anti-proton as well so I have a choice later in the game. I don’t really have to make the decision untill I’m ready to buy vulnerability locator from the fleet. I’ve kept the quantum torpedo launcher because it’s just so much damn fun to line up an attack run and unleash hell! But I know there is probably a better module I could be using, but sometime fun beats DPS. My excuse is that I dont have a better module so there is no point replacing it with something I dont have.

Wheels within wheels.

So I need to earn more Omega marks to afford two modules from them, I mentioned earlier the kinetic cutting beam and the assimilated module. Which will mean more ground based combat at Defera. The USS Iron Duke is at a position to run STF’s and dish out a considerbale amount of damage, I just need to bench mark it. Which is on the to-do list, I also just need to keep on running missions to get those nice pieces of equipment. Unlike on a normal character where all missions are likely to be completed before you finish th e reputation ‘grind.’ I very much doubt it on this character because of this been the second character I have working though the reputaion he has been sponsered. I Need to start looking at what Duty officers i am going to use and keep an eye out in the store for any cheap officers. Though I dont have much EC on this character and I’m not willing to transfer from another character. Not that my main has much left after buying a Plasmonic Leech anyway!

See you on the other side…


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