STO: Pimping the T6 Andromeda

On my main character in Star Trek Online my first Tier 6 ship was the Exploration Cruiser Andromeda, which was a free ship to entice me back to play STO. It worked I returned to the fray and slowly upgraded it. After trying out the Obelisk Carrier in the one of the missions I really wanted to own a carrier, which is why I bought the Jupiter. It was a step up and did improve my enjoyment in space combat. Basically everything equipment wise on the Andromeda was transferred across to the Jupiter both ships I had set up as a basic drake setup. But there comes a time when you need to step up your game! Here we GO>>>


By cycling the two engineer skills emergency power to weapons and the emergency power to shields this would buff the weapons power than shield power every 30 seconds. With a splattering of tactical team, fire at will and attack pattern beta this was the standard drake setup. with my weapon power set at 100 and my shield at 50 this would give me the most attack power with the best shields I could muster.A very basic build that I had used on most of my cruisers as I had progressed through the game. I knew about the next step up in builds was the ‘Aux2Bat’ build but this relied on what I thought at the time where very expensive duty officers and some expensive modules. Slowly over time I managed to acquire the duty officers and the warp core, but never upgraded my setup. Then I found out that what was once a very exspensive module (60 million EC) due to a change in the way lockbox’s worked a once very rare item became a lot easier to acquire and therefore became cheaper. A LOT cheaper I picked mine up at 10.7 million EC. So this exspensive module the Plasmonic Leech allowed me to completely alter my skills on my bridge crew.

USS Pushkin


So here is the USS Pushkin, my only starship on my main character not named for a scientist/engineer this is my present build, it is nowhere near finished but is a lot further on in the upgrade process than the USS Iron Duke. A lot of equipment has made it to mark XIV and some of the equipment is epic level as well. I’m using tetryon beams, a kinetic cutter and for now the torpedo from the omega store.

cruiser crew skills

Crew Skills

I’m going to work in reverse order starting with the Science stations. A very typical loud-out of Science Team and Hazard Emitters. Then back to the top and the tactical is still needing some work I only need 1 copy of tactical team and Fire at Will. So if I make Elisa Flores tac team 1, attack pattern beta 1 and Fire at Will 3 that then frees up the ensign slot for something else. Thankfully the engineers are optimised for this build. Both Lemi and Zaarva have the skill auxiliary power to Battery in their second slot. This is the lynch pin to this build. I also have Engineering team 1, Emergency power to Weapons 3 and another important skill for this build Direct Energy Modulation 3. Zarva has Emergency power to shields 1 and the ‘PANIC’ button polarize shields.

Direct energy modulation

This skill increases shield penetration of my beam weapons, it is a big boost to DPS especially if you have FAW3 activated

Aux to Batt with a Plasmonic Leech

Warp core cruiser

The Plasmonic Leech draws power from enemy ships when you hit them with energy weapon fire and adds it to your sub systems. Which basically turbo charges a normal Aux2Bat build. In an Aux2Bat build you have your power levels set to 100 for weapons, 25 for shields and engines and 50 for auxiliary. With the right warp core with an [AMP] modifier any systems with more than 50 in them increase the amount of damage. Also the correct warp core if it has an [A>S] modifier which shunt a portion of your auxiliary power to your shields as ‘free’ energy. These modifiers work together to increase the basic defence value of your ship at rest. By using the engineer skill auxiliary power to battery, This reduces the power in your auxiliary system and transfers it to the other 3 sub-systems. So with the plasmonic leech working topping up not only your aux system quickly but also adding to all the others as well, you have fully bolstered systems then with the cycling of the emergency power skills, it not only maximizes your offence but gets your shields up very close to the magic 100 number as well. I mentioned expensive duty officers. well to make this as efficient as possible you need to reduce the cool down timers on your bridge officers. This is done by Technicin duty officers. This allows you to reduce the need to double up on some skills, but also keep some of the skills at 100% up time!

In my other articles on USS Iron Duke with my Agents of Yesterday character I was going to show as the build advanced how the DPS increased over time. So I used the STO Combat meter, to log my damage output over a few runs in the STF Infected the Conduit on advanced. I did a number of runs because  if you have someone in your team who is a DPS’er you can find your output severely limited. With my Drake build with a plasmonic leach I hovered around the 6-8k dps mark. When I moved over to the Aux2Batt with plasmonic leech my DPS jumped to 18k this is with some high DPS ships  outputting about 50k DPS. I did have one run with someone out putting over 120k DPS and that dropped my output to just 13k DPS. So I submitted my log to the DPS channel and made it to the 10k DPS channel. But it’s not only your damage output that changes, the setup  improves your tank massively, so much so that I felt I could use the cruisers innate skill Attract fire. Yes, actually wanting the enemies to shoot at you, not your team mates. If the enemy is shooting at me they are not bothering the escorts as much! Giving them more time on station before they have to retreat and heal. I had never used the attract fire skill on the cruiser only ever the skills which improves weapon efficiency and shield efficiency.  On the next research event I will have hopefully had the time to get enough fleet credits to get my last science module that increases threat and upgrade all 3 to epic variants  and therefore increasing the chance of DoT plasma damage..  I need to replace my forward firing torpedo with another tetryon array and upgrade them all to epic. The tactical slots need to be all locator, I had a derp moment and bought and exploiter, oops. With this build I got 18k DPS but I also have an amazing  defense as well and can soak up a lot of damage as long as i keep activating the my space bar which is bound to activate all the emergency skills, tac team and FAW.

See you on the other side…

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