Skyrim: Yes you can have more of my money.

I have really loved both Skyrim and Oblivion, played Oblivion on my 360 and Skyrim on both the PC and 360. I have recently tried to play skyrim on the potato I call my computer and it is not playable. Which is a shame. But as they are releasing a ‘remastered’ edition moving to a 64bit environment with a few tweaks for the PC. It is also been released for XBone and PS4 It’s going to cost £34.99 for the PC. So I ended up buying the two DLC’s I didn’t own.

So now I get to look forward to the end of October and an excuse to re-enter Skyrim and replay the main story and delve into the  DLC’s. I was not going to pick up the remastered version but I had a gift card so it only cost me a few quid really. Honestly the amount of time I’ve played they deserve the extra money.

I like been able to play Skyrim with a controller, when it was released the inventory system was disliked by the PC community and I can understand that. But for me personally it means I still get to play the games I love. Playing games with mouse and keyboard causes me a some discomfort over a period of time. So I have to manage my game time and playing FPS’s on the PC are really no longer an option. I can play them left-handed but it just doesn’t feel right! (bah dum!)

Maybe on the next play through of Skyrim I will be a melee character I’ve been a magic user and an archer so maybe time to get up close and personal. But of course what ever character I play, they will be an alchemist.

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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